How to evict a tenant in Ontario

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Do you want to evict a tenant in Ontario but don’t know how? Avi Rosen outlines the process in this two-minute video.



  1. How to evict a landlord. Step one- cut the supports in the basement, step two – hold a large “eviction party” and post invites on the internet. Step three, leave the door unlocked and don’t be there when the floors cave in.

  2. I read about much abuse by squatter tenants of the process. There is no way it should take 18 months to get an eviction order. The system is completely broken and it’s the government to blame. There would likely be much more affordable rentals if landlords didn’t have to factor in non-paying tenants into a business plan.

  3. There should be a change in law and ltb should be modified , justice delayed justice denied , the tenents take benifit of delay and then run away

  4. The laws are very unfair. The LTB needs to be scrapped.

    I will vote for anyone who supports fairness for the landlord.

    We need a bill that will eliminate the “Tenant protection agency” and for a new system called” fairness for all landlords, and great tenants”

    Let us get Smart here.


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