HomeAdvisor won’t pay brokers for listings


On behalf of HomeAdvisor.com, I’d like to thank you for the recent coverage in REM. We certainly look forward to working with even more Canadian real estate partners in the near future.
However, there was an inaccuracy in the article that I’d like to set straight. According to your article, “industry sources” have “calculated that Microsoft is paying a minimum of $1 per listing” to our Realtor partners, including Re/Max Ontario – Atlantic Canada. This is simply not true. Re/Max Ontario – Atlantic Canada is not receiving any type of compensation whatsoever for sharing their brokers’ listings with Microsoft HomeAdvisor.
HomeAdvisor has never, nor will it ever, pay brokers for listings. Since launching HomeAdvisor two years ago, our goal has been to provide maximum exposure for the listings of our broker partners, while generating thousands of leads for them – at no cost whatsoever to the broker and agent.
Some of the confusion in the industry may stem from the fact that for aggregating listing data, a role we consider vital in helping consumers gain access to up-to-date information on homes for sale, HomeAdvisor does pay non-profit MLS organizations an aggregation fee of $1 Canadian per listing.
Mike Audet
Business Development Manager
Redmond, Wash.


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