Are you happy right now? No seriously, are you genuinely happy right now? This is a tough time for everyone being all cooped up, routines completely changed from everything we know, isolated from the world around us. And it’s easy to get into a state of depression, or to get emotional about the situation. It’s easy to lash out at others because our frustrations can get the best of us at times.

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Have you thought about how you’re managing this time? Have you thought about how you want your look back to be? Do you want to be someone who was angry, upset and mean? Or do you want to look back and have positive thoughts, or at the very least be proud of how you managed the right now? In this video I share with you how to make sure that you will be the person who was positive, who was helping others, who leaves a positive mark on the situation when its all said and done. This is how to manage the right now.


  1. Hey my friend, this is the best video I have seen to date bar-none. I hope the readers heed your advice and bask in the opportunity to reconnect with those we care about while we have this gift of time as before we know it this will be behind us and we will be back in the rat race. It is all about perception. You show the light and the media shows the dark. We can navigate to what is to come in the former and we fear what is in the latter. It is our choice which route we take to our destination.


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