Do you know what the difference is between a spiritual person and a religious person? A religious person will tell you not to go to hell, a spiritual person has been there and back.

I am back. And I’m here to help.

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I’ve been there.

No money, no prospects, no hope, hungry kids. I have been through it. I know there are some agents out there freaking out because it’s not working. Business, life, it’s just not working out.

Let me share a little secret I read that turned my luck around.

“Things don’t always work out, sometimes you have to make them work out.” – Dr. Henry Cloud from his book Integrity.

You have to create your own life and business out of your own mind. You have to do it, no one can make it happen for you. When it’s not working you must learn; when it does work, keep up the momentum.

Here are three things you can add to your daily schedule if you are struggling and need some business clients:

1. Dale Carnegie them!

Read How to Win Friends and Influence People and put the insights to work by meeting new people everyday and turning them into relationships. Your business is built on how many connections you have, so that is No. 1. Meet them, add them to your database, stay in touch, pay attention.

2. Up your brand!

If you can’t tell me why/how your service is better than the other five thousand agents out there, then get back to the drawing board. Put some serious effort into creating the reputation you want to be known for. Make it appealing, inclusive and simple. Think of all those cooking shows on TV – the best chefs do the simple dishes with excellence.

3. Work for free!

If you don’t have business in the pipeline, then work for free. Offer your value to other sales agents, offer to host their open houses, find places you can share your expertise and offer value to those hearing it. Keep the wheels turning as if you are getting paid for it and eventually you will be.

There is no shortcut to success! If you are determined to make it, then you must put in the time and effort until it works out.


  1. Sue, this in today’s Apple News might be interesting for some of your clients:

    To wit: (my point confirmed) Item point 4 is a major keynote point:

    4. They don’t let their heads rule their hearts

    Societies rules don’t always apply: “You’re not supposed to do that.” That’s a bit weird.” “You can’t say that.” [I heard that so many times not just in real estate…]

    (copied and pasted from article: typically no permissions required for short quotes)
    6 bold habits of highly ambitious people

    Read in Ladders:

    Shared from Apple News

    Carolyne L ?

  2. There’s always an opinion contrast. There’s a profound danger that if you work for free for one set of clients you might unknowingly come across their relatives with a different family-name who will also expect free guidance.

    In recent times I spent several dozen hours thinking how to help, and countless hours preparing email information directing her to what had made my career so successful, helping an out of town agent who had worked very diligently in her career but seemed to feel her success was never enough.

    But she had no support system from her giant franchise affiliation office; none at all. I was a little surprised that she had recently put her licence with a no-name brand in order to stay active, believing she was cutting expenses. And not sure she would stay in the business. That she is a really client-dedicated agent, to me was obvious.

    She came to Canada a few years ago without a word of English not able to pursue the career she had trained for overseas. Her self-taught English language skills are way better than some people born and raised here. One of my suggestions was to let possible clients know she speaks several languages even if some more fully rounded than others. It would simply create a possible comfort zone for those thinking of connecting perhaps.

    Clearly she is a winner, working undercover, like a secret-agent, very low profile. Last month she bemoaned that she had had “only” several successful transactions in a month while following some of my suggestions amidst the pandemic lockdown.

    I inquired as to how she had managed to keep her boat afloat while at the same time dealing with a serious family situation, while tying down several buyer/seller transactions in just a few-week period, when colleagues had not had several transactions in the whole past year. She really didn’t know what a good skill set she has. No one had ever told her. All she needed was a little acknowledgment, encouragement, and a gentle push in the right direction. Of course I will protect her privacy.
    But she wrote back to me: “I learned from the best.” (Clearly she is a speedy learner.)

    She took my responses to her questions seriously and saw results nearly immediately. She had been about to leave the industry.

    I’m so happy for her. She offered to drive a few hours from out of town to come to take me to dinner. What a generous compliment. That will be way off in the future I replied but much appreciated. Concentrate on putting several more transactions on paper for now.

    And diarize on your calendar some private soak in the tub private rest, energy recuperation time. Call it an appointment. You don’t have to disclose that you take private restoration time; just that you already have an appointment on your calendar for that specific time slot.

    Carolyne L ?


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