As summer winds up, it’s time to start thinking about how to prepare for the fall market. Some things are still uncertain, but what we know for sure is that buyers will be buying and sellers will be selling. So, get your game face on and use the next 30 days to get you and your team ready for the fall market.

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1. Build your database:

Set a new goal for your database this fall, starting at 200 people. If you don’t know 200 people, that’s a problem! Real estate is all about relationships, so start looking around to see who you could connect with. Think about your hairdresser, neighbours, dog groomer, dentist and anyone else you might interact with. Reach out to them consistently and ask for referrals.

2. Market exclusive listings:

Now’s the time to get involved with exclusive listings. Buyers are out there and if you’re willing to hustle, you’ll find them. Learn about the exclusive listings in your office and ask the agents if you can market their listings. This is how you will build a name and reputation for yourself in the industry and with your colleagues. You will also gain invaluable experience learning how to get these listings sold.

3. Prepare for open houses:

Expect to do both virtual and in-person open houses this fall. That means you must be up to date on the new health and safety protocols for facilitating open houses. Don’t wait until your first open house date to become familiar with these new protocols. Understand the new rules now so you can answer any questions clients or leads may have. Secure any supplies you might need, such as disinfectant, and be sure to market that you are following health and safety measures to ensure trust and confidence in your prospects.

4. Offer your assistance:

There are many Realtors out there who need your help. Some are planning to retire soon and some are grinding on their own. How can you be of service to them? Collaboration and helping each other will not only bring you more business, but it gets your name out there. See how you can help with database contacting, open house facilitating and showings.

5. Keep networking:

Your networking efforts shouldn’t have stopped during the pandemic; they should just have pivoted. This fall, keep the momentum going and increase your networking reach. You can meet with contacts in person now, as long as you abide by the health and safety rules, so get out there (safely)! Say “yes” to social engagements that will introduce you to new people. Not comfortable with in-person engagements? Get on the phone. Reach out to people, have discussions, network!

Now is the time to put in the time. Here’s a rule of thumb to keep in mind: you need to work 60 hours for 60 days to gain real momentum. Are you putting in that time? Summer vacation is coming to an end, so it’s time to start setting goals and hit the ground running in the fall. If you need goal inspiration, start with booking two to three qualified appointments per week.


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