Video by Gémma Leggett reveals the glamorous life of a real estate agent


“Real estate is not always about being serious,” says Gémma Leggett, broker with Re/Max Hallmark York Group Realty in Toronto. “This video got over 7,000 views and clients love it,” she says.

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But on the more serious side, she says, “Video for lead generation is the future.”

Leggett was featured in a recent story in REM, showing how she markets her luxury listings. But here’s a little bit of fun.


  1. Bon job, Gemma! I just painted my clients’ basement floor because it had to be done and they were running out of time. Edging the front lawn, emptying dehumidifiers, baby sitting the dog… it’s all part of the job for me and I love it. I won’t bake cookies though!

  2. This summer was the craziest thing I have ever seen in Cottage Country. I show property by boat and was out on 3 or 4 appointments some days and then up to 12:30-1:00 editing photos and VR tours for my listings. I was definitely getting burned out, but now I get to catch my breath. Phew!

  3. True, being a active Realtor takes its’ toll in many ways on the Realtor, BUT, no mention of the serious toll the Realtor’s family and Spouse has to endure. That is the reason why the divorce rate is so high amongst Realtors…….

  4. Gemma Leggett…the Rodney Dangerfield of Real Estate. She don’t get no respect!

    But the money’s worth it Gemma. Y’er right; ya gotta love it.


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