FCT has launched Certified Resale Home, a pre-listing home inspection and warranty in partnership with AmeriSpec Inspection Services.

The new service combines a home inspection conducted before a seller’s home is put on the market with an 18-month warranty from FCT that is transferrable from seller to buyer.

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“Sellers are able to enhance buyer comfort by reducing the risk to home buyers, especially in a multi-offer market that often precludes getting a home inspection,” says FCT in a news release. “The service was successfully piloted last year in the Niagara region and was embraced by local real estate agents and brokers as a valuable service.”

The warranty covers systems and components of the home that may be difficult to assess during the home inspection because of seasonality or accessibility. These areas often create the most anxiety for homeowners, particularly from a financial perspective, the company says. The coverage offers a maximum of $20,000 for the repair and/or replacement of the foundation, roof, heating and cooling systems.

“Certified Resale Home offers tremendous value to home sellers and protection to home buyers by streamlining the transaction, providing more information transparency, particularly about ‘blind spots’ such as the foundation, roof and heating and cooling systems,” says Mark Page, head of the initiative. He says it “ultimately reduces anxiety and friction points in the transaction.”

The new service is currently being launched in Ontario with plans to expand in the near future. Pricing is currently $689, plus HST, with some additional optional coverage available. It includes a full home inspection and coverage for the four major home components.


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