I used to despise salespeople. Always thought they were scheming in some way. Never thought they were trustworthy individuals. Always figured they were aiming to take or get something from me. But since I became a real estate sales representative two decades ago, oh, how the tables have turned!

The main goal of salespeople, I have learned, is to help people solve a problem. If someone doesn’t have a problem, you don’t have a job.

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In real estate, a person may need a bigger home to accommodate more family. A smaller home to accommodate less family. Need to move because their job has been relocated. Or need to sell their home because of a tragedy such as a death in the family, job loss or a breakup.

It’s our job as real estate salespeople to help people resolve their problems.

In the retail world, a person may need a new cell phone or computer because theirs has broken or became outdated. They may need a new dress, suit, jacket or pair of shoes, because they have grown out of or worn out their old ones.

We are a consumer-driven society, to be sure, so we don’t always have a big problem – but they are perceived problems, nonetheless.

Imagine, if everyone was out to help someone else, to help them solve their problems, what a wonderful world this would be. It would be a win-win.

Imagine if salespeople were asked to help solve world problems, broker a peace settlement, arrange a barter agreement between nations. We could do it! Without politics getting in the way.

Sure, salespeople are getting paid to help people, but in the end, the fact that they actually helped someone should be all that matters.

Doctors are paid to help people. So are nurses, policemen and firemen. And teachers too, for that matter.

We can’t all be doctors and nurses. But we can all aspire to be salespeople and help someone figure out and solve their problem. And if we gain some measure of payment in the end, to help put food on our table and gas in our cars and pay our bills, then it really is a win-win.


  1. This is exactly why I predict buyers agents will become obsolete within the next five years. Buyers agents are no longer solving a problem. Buyers can find properties themselves and can use the listing agent to facilitate the deal. It is done this way in many other countries.


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