Dominion Lending launches white label HELOC product


National mortgage brokerage and equipment leasing company Dominion Lending Centres says it’s the first Canadian brokerage to offer a home equity line of credit (HELOC) through its exclusive Dominion Mortgage line of white label products.

The new Dominion Mortgage HELOC can be comprised of three components – a Revolving Portion, an Adjustable-Rate Portion and a Fixed-Rate Portion.

Dominion Lending Centres mortgage professionals who sell this product to their clients earn an upfront commission, and also get paid a trailer fee commission as long as the HELOC is being used.

“Our mortgage agents asked for a Dominion Mortgage HELOC and we were able to deliver an exceptional product,” says Dominion Lending Centres president Gary Mauris. “Not only do our agents now have access to another HELOC choice in the marketplace, but this white label offering enables them to offer their clients a branded product that pays the agents a trailer fee in perpetuity. This means they are positively impacting the future success of their businesses.”

Dominion Lending Centres first launched its exclusive line of white label products under the Dominion Mortgage brand on April 23rd, 2008.

“Right out of the gate, apart from offering a large suite of very competitive products, we also wanted to offer the most generous compensation package available in the industry,” Mauris says. “Should an agent decide to leave us, their trailer fees will follow them because we never want to hold our agents hostage for deals they’ve worked hard to fund.”

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