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Phil Soper, March 2008
Phil Soper, March 2008

To celebrate 25 years of serving Canada’s real estate community, REM asked a small group of real estate leaders this question:

“Who had the biggest impact – good or bad – on Canadian real estate in the last 25 years?

This is not a popularity contest or a marketing exercise. We want to know who you think had the biggest impact on the industry in the last 25 years – even if it was, in your opinion, a negative impact. Your choices could include Realtors, company executives, association executive officers, regulators, service company executives….even politicians! Who has had the most impact during the last 25 years in making the industry what it is today?”

REM took those consensus picks and added our own and the results will be revealed on REM online every day until the end of June.  Take a look and see if you agree with these choices, and then let us know who we missed. Add your comments below or drop an email to [email protected].

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Phil Soper

“Phil Soper is real estate’s most influential leader,” says real estate consultant Michael Krisa of YLE Consulting Group. “His people would take a bullet and walk through fire if he asked!”

Soper has been president of Royal LePage Real Estate Services since 2002. REM interviewed Soper in March 2013 as Royal LePage celebrated its 100th anniversary. “History favours the brave,” he said. “If you look back over time, both when the company faltered and when it surged, I’d say the periods of growth were tightly aligned with the willingness to take risk.”

Through organic growth and acquisitions, the company has grown significantly since Soper became CEO.

Soper wrote about the company’s commitment to a premium, full-service model in an article in REM last year. “In the face of tougher legislation and regulation, and the never-ending churn of new and disruptive American and low-fee, very limited service competitors, it boils down to our proven ability to adapt. That a 100-year-old company like Royal LePage has faced tough times before and has emerged intact provides a good measure of perspective.”



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