How many people saying “no” does it take to get to a “yes”? We face rejection every day and every moment when we go after our goals. Resistance is part of the process. Sales is not for the weak of heart.

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Whether we are making a cold call for the first time or are well into the sales process, hearing hesitation or a flat out no from our prospects surprises us and completely throws us off in some cases. Overcome rejection in these three ways:

Expect rejection as part of the package:

No one teaches us that rejection is part of the process when going after our goals and dreams. No training exists on how to cope with letdown after letdown. But once we understand and accept that every “no” leads you closer to “yes”, we gain the strength and motivation to keep going – to keep pushing. It doesn’t matter what business you’re in, who you are targeting and how long you’ve been at it. What matters is that you persist forward. Accept that hearing no is normal, so there is no shock or bad resonating feeling.

Notice your wins:

Every time you hear the yes you’ve been working towards, allow it to motivate you to get through the next batch of negative answers. Train your brain. Strengthen your muscles. You can do it. Pay attention to how many people saying no it takes to get to a single yes. Over time, there will be fewer and fewer people saying no, but they will always be there.

Change course:

In situations where you are truly let down by a lucrative deal falling apart unexpectedly, take a step back. Do something completely different outside of your usual activities. Pause. Breathe. Focus on your last win or series of smaller wins. Change your environment. Get out of your own way until you regroup. Create bigger, better deals to come. Learn from the failure you experienced. Find out what went wrong and how you can tweak your sales approach in the future.

Facing rejection is never easy. But it is part of growth, learning and future pathways to success. It is part of getting to where you want to go. Many people quit too soon. Obstacles and hearing no after no is part of the journey. Accept this fact and its heavy weight will lighten over time.

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