How to communicate with couples

Trying to identify the decision-maker in a couple is an extinct old-school strategy. You’ve got to impress them both, or the answer will be no.

Make more sales by NOT being a salesperson

A new home salesperson sells houses and condos. But the wants and needs of the new home salesperson are in direct conflict with the buyer’s.

How to work with your staging consultant

I never understood why other agents wanted to have a massive “inventory.” They would beam with pride as they showed me their giant whiteboards full...

Develop a personal brand statement

To be clear, your brand is not your logo, or your name or your tagline. Those things represent your brand on the surface

The lost $100,000 commission

You never know where a string of referrals is going to originate. If you prepare for every listing appointment like it’s worth $100,000, you will earn an extra $100,000 quicker than you think.

Why some people drive you crazy

We all naturally “click” with some clients. It’s fun and easy to work with them. Others? Not so much.

The bus bench conundrum

Are bus benches worth the expense, or not? It depends. Let’s look at two extreme scenarios.