Simple offers are the best offers

Have you ever received an offer loaded with unusual or unnecessary terms and conditions? When this happens, does it throw up multiple red flags? It sure does for me!

How to be a rapid responder but still get stuff done

Do I think you should be a rapid responder? Certainly! But within certain limitations that support your overall productivity. Here are a few simple rules that I follow.

The scrumptious recipe for keeping deals together

What services do you provide to your clients? Professional photography? A home staging consultation? A weekly report/update? These are all important, but there’s something more fundamental that is harder to define.

Social media: The mind-numbing productivity killer

Lately, I’ve noticed that my addiction to Facebook has gotten worse. How about you? Do you find yourself wasting time, mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds?

The most fun part of being a Realtor

Do you remember when you were a new agent and how fun it was to be out with buyers looking at properties?

The next looming threat to our business and why I don’t care

For as long as I’ve had my real estate licence, I’ve been hearing all about “the next big thing” that’s going to change real estate forever.

Solving the No. 1 complaint about real estate agents

“He convinced us to list with him, walked out the door with the signed contract, and that was the last we heard from him until two weeks before the listing expired. Then, he called and pressured us to reduce the price and extend the contract.”

How to find a compatible business partner

The key is finding a compatible partner, which sounds daunting, but actually, it’s surprisingly simple to get started. So, how do you find a compatible partner?

Two strategies to create more balance in your life

Recently I celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary, so in honour of my amazing wife Michelle, here are two strategies I’ve implemented to create more time for her and our kids.

How to become a prospect pick-up artist at open houses

Recently I introduced The Easy-Cool Prospect-to-Client Conversion Method. Here’s how it works in a real-world open house situation.