Dan St. Yves: Seven lessons for discouraging foreclosure purchasers

Is there an online course for homeowners trying to make a home entirely undesirable, hoping to prevent a sale? I almost came to think so.

Dan St. Yves: Home poems

As I often tend to do right before a column deadline approaches, I wander about my home office for an hour or six, glance...

Dan St. Yves: Winter’s amazing miracle

The single and most pleasurable relief I can rely on in the congested grip of the winter cold season is chicken noodle soup.

Smart homes (gone horribly wrong)

To be honest, I’ve had trouble setting up 30-year-old mechanical timers to turn my lights on at any given time, so I probably shouldn’t be weighing in on this technology stuff.

Dan St. Yves: Showing homes in the unforgiving heart of winter

Depending on where you work in Canada, you might just find yourself stuck in a client’s home in the middle of a blizzard.

Dan St. Ives: Not the king of pain

I admit that I may be a bit ultra-sensitive. I can’t even watch somebody putting in a pair of contact lenses. I admire those of you who enjoy a good piercing now and then. I’ll pass, thanks. 

Are you a collector or a pack rat?

That begs the question though, are you a collector or a pack rat? A few years ago I came up with a simple quiz for my old weekly newspaper column, which I am updating here and now for your own benefit.

Dan St. Yves: The garden

The furthest back I can remember, our garden sat at the far end of my family’s suburban property, along the rear fence and opposite the original single-car garage that’s still standing almost 60 years later.

Dan St. Yves: The best-laid marketing plans

Real estate humourist Dan St. Yves takes on the experience of buying outdoor advertising, and the unfortunate pitfalls that accompany it.

Dan St. Yves: Reading between the (ad) lines

Anyone here old enough to remember Kevin Nealon’s Mr. Subliminal character on SNL? The gag was that while Mr. Subliminal said one thing, he then said (slightly under his breath) what he was really thinking.