A (real estate) Christmas carol

Ebenezer had picked up the nickname after a famous cartoon duck, as he also was known for decidedly deep pockets from his wide-ranging real estate empire.

Dan St. Yves: A winter sleigh ride

Something I had always wanted to do around this time of year was surprise my wife by taking her out on a traditional, seasonal sleigh ride.

Requests when viewing homes

You would think there are some common-sense considerations that just don’t need to be pointed out – but given the human capacity for surprise and/or self-entitlement, I do have to wonder…

Dan St. Yves: 19 years and still going

According to my records, which admittedly are about as reliable as betting on a scratched long shot at the racetrack, my first column for REM appeared in October 2000.

Dan St. Yves: A cautionary moving guide

I had a column appear here entitled "The zen of moving", wherein I suggested that to casual onlookers, our moving caravan may have resembled the semi trailer trucks required to keep Fleetwood Mac out on the road.

Dan St. Yves: If superheroes became real estate agents

When you’ve spent a lifetime fighting crime, or battling super-villains with your own unique superpowers, does that give you an advantage or disadvantage in the real estate business?

Dan St. Yves: Sales meeting protocols

Beginning Thursday, we will install cameras in the staff kitchen area, and will advise the cleaners to place the dirty dishes in the office of the offender…

Spring squirrels (in the attic)

It started with a rustling sound one night, which I dismissed as what my tummy does all the time. Except it was coming from above my head and was strong enough to drop some ceiling dust down.

How is this even possible (real estate edition)

Over the 11 years I spent as a Realtor, so many of them were smooth and unremarkable. Then there would be those days where you just had to mutter, “How is this even possible?”

Dan St. Yves: Seven lessons for discouraging foreclosure purchasers

Is there an online course for homeowners trying to make a home entirely undesirable, hoping to prevent a sale? I almost came to think so.