For the moment, a change of pace

It’s a pretty sure bet that as I sit down to write this month’s column, the COVID-19 pandemic will still be affecting our daily lives by the time this feature is shared with you. It seemed insensitive or somewhat tone-deaf to simply put forward the usual submission I provide and ignore that reality.

Dan St. Yves: Calls the property manager doesn’t want to hear

Sometimes awesome, sometimes less so, the property manager is likely the front line for resident conflict resolution.

Dan St. Yves: Movie quotes for real estate situations

I wondered what if a real estate transaction was so memorable that a movie quote could have originated in that particular moment? Here are a few classic lines reworked into some common situations for sales reps.

A (real estate) Christmas carol

Ebenezer had picked up the nickname after a famous cartoon duck, as he also was known for decidedly deep pockets from his wide-ranging real estate empire.

Dan St. Yves: A winter sleigh ride

Something I had always wanted to do around this time of year was surprise my wife by taking her out on a traditional, seasonal sleigh ride.

Requests when viewing homes

You would think there are some common-sense considerations that just don’t need to be pointed out – but given the human capacity for surprise and/or self-entitlement, I do have to wonder…

Dan St. Yves: 19 years and still going

According to my records, which admittedly are about as reliable as betting on a scratched long shot at the racetrack, my first column for REM appeared in October 2000.

Dan St. Yves: A cautionary moving guide

I had a column appear here entitled "The zen of moving", wherein I suggested that to casual onlookers, our moving caravan may have resembled the semi trailer trucks required to keep Fleetwood Mac out on the road.

Dan St. Yves: If superheroes became real estate agents

When you’ve spent a lifetime fighting crime, or battling super-villains with your own unique superpowers, does that give you an advantage or disadvantage in the real estate business?

Dan St. Yves: Sales meeting protocols

Beginning Thursday, we will install cameras in the staff kitchen area, and will advise the cleaners to place the dirty dishes in the office of the offender…