Dan St. Yves: Talk Like Oprah Day

Hey, why shouldn’t we be able to punctuate our own sentences with a little over-the-top enthusiasm?

Dan St. Yves: Santa’s bag of anti-competition helpfulness

Santa would certainly never presume to tell the Competition Bureau how to do its job, but....

Dan St. Yves: Talkin’ funny with Jamie Farr

Jamie Farr has been a fixture of the entertainment world for the past 57 years, most notably as the popular character of Corporal Max Klinger

Dan St. Yves: A Type ‘A’ personality quiz

There are certain types of individuals who strive to ensure that the world goes around a bit more efficiently -- or at least a bit more efficiently for them.

Dan St. Yves: Fall into golf

Perhaps I’m getting a bit too preoccupied with golf lately.

Dan St. Yves: Roughing it (home away from home)

What in the name of Daniel Boone’s raccoon hat was that creature growling outside our tent last night?

Dan St. Yves: Not-so-green thumb (of doom)

My wife can kill a houseplant within a week. Sometimes even quicker than that. Some wilt straight into rigor mortis right on our front stoop, fresh from the local nursery.

Cautionary housing tales (A bedtime story)

The little pig replied: “Not by the hair of my chinny-chin chin, Dumb-head.” Which frankly did little for his cause.

Marketing gone awry

The first set of business cards I had printed were a soon-to-be-classic example of “Do Not Do This” for new Realtors.

REM goes to Atlantic City to see Bob Newhart

In 2009, I decided to take advantage of a chance to see Bob Newhart live.