Recipes for Realtors: Duckalicious cigars — an unusual filo treat

Shred a pan-fried duck breast that you removed from the heat when just barely done, using two long-tined forks. Let rest and cool so you can handle.

Recipes for Realtors: Sweet potato rosti and beer braised kale

Another wonderful amuse bouche. Wow! Something from almost nothing. Nothing goes to waste in my kitchen.

Recipes for Realtors: Deep-fried vegetable salad

Deep-fried vegetable salad with roasted half-tomatoes – and some new ideas to prepare carrots.

Recipes for Realtors: Grapefruit carpaccio (and french toast)

And have you ever thought of cutting thick slices of fruitcake into cubes and roasting them in sizzling sweet homemade oven-roasted garlic purée butter?

Recipes for Realtors: Bacon patty special BLT (it’s amazing!)

It’s a special weekend treat breakfast that can served as a full meal any time of day. You won't be hungry for hours.

Recipes for Realtors: Ruby Port Coq au Vin

Maybe add chestnuts or chestnut purée. You could call this a French-German-English version of an old standby.

Recipes for Realtors: Unexpected salad delights

If you are fortunate to live near a farmers’ market, indulge in local farm fresh produce when possible. Ask if this farmer actually grew the produce or bought it from a nearby farm.

Recipes for Realtors: Puff-topped sea scallops

Just a suggestion: Start the meal with an espresso cup on a saucer, offering a drinkable hot tester of my very special silky cream of celery soup. Follow with the meal plan below.

Recipes for Realtors: Silky cream of celery soup

Celery is a nutritious vegetable that isn’t used enough. Writings of a historical vent state that in olden days celery was referred to as an aphrodisiac. I cannot speak to that.

Recipes for Realtors: Some sage advice

It’s a love/hate relationship with sage. For some, it’s an acquired taste, as with olives and anchovies.