Recipes for Realtors: Leftovers in white sauce – and peas

Who would have thought such a simple yet slightly differently prepared mix would be worth reinventing?

Recipes for Realtors: Giant pig in a blanket and stuffing balls

For those who imbibe, offer a cool glass of ruby port. What a beautiful paired meal. Make it for family or for entertaining. Just make multiples of the puff pastry wrapped pork loins, roasted simultaneously.

Recipes for Realtors: Polenta mille-feuille and aioli two ways

Holiday entertaining, anyone? Here’s a special gourmet plate that has an unspeakable visual quality as well as being a marriage of delicious flavours.

Recipes for Realtors: Shrimp in garlic cognac cream

A real “shell-a-bration” of a unique kind. Tell your guests to bring a big appetite and be prepared to indulge over a few hours of at-table enjoyment and be sure to forewarn them dinner is all seafood.

Recipes for Realtors: A Figgy Cornish Hen Christmas

As many of our readers know, I keep a large jar of fresh, not dried, black (blue) mission figs, either Spanish or Italian, in my refrigerator at all times soaking in brandy.

Recipes for Realtors: Tomato peach fruit carpaccio

For this recipe, you should prepare all the items ahead of time but keep everything separate and refrigerated. Assemble it near to serving time.

Recipes for Realtors: Simple Simon sandwiches

These are plain and simple sandwiches but there’s nothing ordinary about them. Fresh is always better, and likely better food.

Recipes for Realtors: Stewed prunes, oxtails and oranges

I was rearranging my pantry shelf, and I came across a large container of preserved prunes. This is a quick and easy sauce to make and it keeps well in a glass-covered container in the fridge for several days.

Recipes for Realtors: Make it a burger event

When the season is right (any time of year) and the grilling urge strikes, try my selection of gourmet burgers. It’s easy for agents to multitask since much can be prepared ahead of time.

Recipes for Realtors: Pork loin medallions and pork loin escallops

This all happens in just minutes and like with a minute-steak, cooks very quickly. Don’t leave the stove. Remember, homemade pasta cooks very quickly. Enjoy! So yum!