Recipes for Realtors: Orange date chocolate cheese salad and salmon sandwich

If you are fortunate to have delicate Arctic char, don’t waste even a spoonful. Switch it up like the salmon. Maybe add a tiny bit of my cranberry mayonnaise. Mouth watering yet?

Recipes for Realtors: Polenta coins with compound butter coins and lox roses

These bite-size nibbles are a perfect size. Arrange for at least three per serving tucked among loosely arranged fresh Boston bibb lettuce on a large platter.

Recipes for Realtors: Christmas cake gift stuffing and cranberry sauce

Fruitcake keeps for ages, but you could always freeze the leftover fruitcake, cubed. But I discovered an additional use: stuffing!

Recipes for Realtors: 6-minute baked fish filets

Did I hear that right? Busy Realtors don’t have time to cook? This no-time-at-all delicious fish might cancel that comment. And multi-tasking is always doable.

Recipes for Realtors: Mimicking a France favourite as faux aligot

Serve this very special mash alongside braised brisket or my oxtail ragout from the 1970s. (potato dumplings; cheese coins)

Recipes for Realtors: Chowders – an East Coast thing

My clam chowder is now your clam chowder. Enjoy! I’m sure you will need seconds, so make plenty.
Photo by Louis Hansel @shotsoflouis on Unsplash

Recipes for Realtors: Bread and Butter Pickles Sandwich

Homemade bread and butter pickles were lined up on a salted butter spread on white Wonder Bread after the Second World War.

Recipes for Realtors: In the po’boy fashion

If there were a po’boy season this would be in season, but since there isn’t, this mouth-watering combination could be in fashion all year...

Recipes for Realtors: Raisin Rum Date Special Ice Cream (drink your ice cream)

Drink your ice cream. We call it an adult milkshake. No ice cream maker? No problem. On the patio or at the dining room table for guests or family, this adult treat might be a surprise.

Recipes for Realtors: Maple syrup sour cream tortillas

Oh, my! Your taste buds will appreciate this unusual combination. A perfect guest nibbles brunch or a midnight snack to end a celebration feast, if you operate a bed and breakfast.