Our biggest housing challenge

We are facing many problems in our country. There is not enough time and space here to discuss all the challenges of health care, especially mental health care, as well as housing for the poor and marginalized people in our society.

Not for 16-year-olds

At 16, a person can drive a car. They can also buy a car and take on all the responsibilities that come with that such as insurance and liability. If driving that car results in criminal activity, that 16-year-old can be sentenced as an adult.

You have to be lucky to buy a home

No one should ever overlook that buying a property for the first time means making a huge investment. It means finding a truck load of money for a down payment.

Real estate philanthropy

It is hard to argue that as a group, Realtors may be the largest collection of philanthropists in Canada. Every month the Good Works column in REM is full to the brim.

Youth versus experience

There is always animosity between the young and the old. The way I see it, every profession can really enjoy the benefits of both sides, but I think that getting along is the greatest challenge of all.

Show them your badge

When I was boy back in the 1950s, licensed tradespeople had badges. If you wanted to know if the plumber or electrician who came to your house was licensed, you could just glance at his badge.

Publisher’s Page: A home for all seniors

I think the real estate industry can step up to the plate and help every senior in Canada in need of a home. I believe that our provincial real estate associations and CREA can act as champions for our aging population.

Owning what you sell

Today, telecom companies own many of the products they sell, such as sports teams and other entertainment shows. That is clearly not right. Rogers, for example, owns the Blue Jays.

Publisher’s Page: Everything in the real estate business has changed

This is not the real estate business your Mom and Dad knew. This isn’t even the real estate business your older sister knew. Are you sure you want to do this?

Think you know money?

Just for fun I quizzed some folks to see if anyone could name all of the people on our paper money. Nobody except one person in my family, who used to work in a bank, was able to name every person on our paper money.