Your best investment is time

Today people say time is money but that is not really true. Time is still free and you can give it away to people who need it, if you are willing.

This may be your best year

The great thing about the business of real estate is that once you have achieved the pinnacle of your profession, you get to start the process again.

Success is how, not what

We should know in our hearts that if we gain success honestly without cheating or manipulating, we will enjoy the greatest feeling of achievement.

The key to stimulating the housing market is transit

The key to solving the national dream of owning a home is transit. There is math involved in this, but it sure isn’t rocket science or nuclear fission.

The minority makes the money

Some say 20 per cent of real estate agents are doing 80 per cent of the business, some say it is more like 40 per cent are doing 60 per cent and some even suggest 10 per cent are doing 90 per cent.

Publisher’s Page: Commissions and controversy

Real estate commissions have been debated for more years than I can remember and I can remember a long time. I have been watching this business for more than three decades.

You have the tools to succeed

My humble advice is just this; count your blessings. You already have all the tools it takes to make it in this business and make it big!
George Théodore Berthon's Colonel John Graves Simcoe

A holiday by any other name

What Simcoe did suggests that Toronto and parts of Southern Ontario were created and first developed on real estate rip offs and corrupt land speculation. And this is a guy whose name we want to celebrate on the civic holiday?

The Publisher’s Page: One hundred and fifty years

In 2003, I celebrated 50 years of being in this country. I immigrated to Canada in 1953. I wrote about it and talked about it probably too much at times. I was so sincere in my gratitude to this country, I just couldn’t help it.

I’m grateful to Home Capital

Home Trust stood with me and they stood with a lot of other folks who didn’t have great credit. The bottom line was that if wasn’t for Home Capital, we would not have been able to buy houses for our families.