How unemployment, war and interest rates might impact housing

The housing market of Canada, which seemed to remain unscathed from the pandemic so far, may spring a surprise, if not immediately, then in the medium to long term.

Environmental agencies versus developers

Over 40 years, environmental agencies have been given far too much power and need to be reigned in. They are one of the biggest reasons we have a housing crisis and shortage.

Three-year delays in recovery of “forced loans” to tenants

Government effectively sets up residential landlords to take the full brunt of a tenant’s ire by forcing landlords to apply to the Landlord and Tenant Board to increase each tenant’s rent above the annual guideline.

Dan St Yves: Imagine a better world – then help make that happen

No question, we’ve all been through a rough go these past few years. Hopefully we are coming out the other side. I hope that the biggest global crisis can be averted, and in that I wish for Ukraine’s life to go back to being peaceful.

5 easy steps for Realtors to defeat procrastination

Are you procrastinating on updating your website, writing a new listing presentation, completing an online course, or some other major project?

Housing should be a social cause, not a commercial one

Every day, traditional and modern social media is abuzz with alarm bells on the relentless rise of Canadian real estate and the affordability crisis.
cognac figgy jus milkshake

Recipes for Realtors: My unusual cognac figgy jus milkshake

Many of my readers are crazy about my fresh-in-season black mission brandied figs that seem to keep forever marinating in a refrigerated figgy jar in Europe’s preferred cognac, Asbach Uralt.

How allowing remote work will improve your business

If you’re an employer and you’re hesitant to let your employees work from home, it may be time to step out of your comfort zone. More and more research suggests that offering work-from-home arrangements will benefit your business. Here’s how.

The legal pitfalls for companies using proptech

I’ve consulted with numerous proptech companies at different stages of their growth over the years. If not properly addressed, these issues could stop a company dead in its tracks.

What will it take to get one integrated MLS system?

Having been an advocate of comprehensive data sharing for more than 20 years, this is a question I have often asked myself: Isn’t it time we dispensed with all of this and instead had one integrated MLS?