Thoughts on how COVID-19 has shifted Vancouver’s real estate market

The pandemic has changed everything. It has changed how and where Canadians work and how they want to live. Here are some of the biggest differences in buying patterns now versus previous years.

Cats, real estate and social media

Merlin (known online as Merlin Ragdoll) has quite an impressive resume. Currently, he has 278,000 followers on Instagram, 90,000 on Facebook and more than 200,000 on TikTok.
The spirit of giving was alive and well among members of the Vancouver Island Real Estate Board (VIREB) this holiday season.

Dan St. Yves: The clothespin ornament

Gathering the fragments of the poor little figurine onto the kitchen table, Andy prayed that the particular brand of Krazy Glue he had in the workshop drawer worked.

A leader’s guide to help team members thrive remotely

When was the last time you examined your organization’s needs, including the most important asset, your employees and team members?

Recipes for Realtors: Polenta coins with compound butter coins and lox roses

These bite-size nibbles are a perfect size. Arrange for at least three per serving tucked among loosely arranged fresh Boston bibb lettuce on a large platter.

How to communicate with couples

Trying to identify the decision-maker in a couple is an extinct old-school strategy. You’ve got to impress them both, or the answer will be no.

Be a highly effective leader during the pandemic

Hope in the future creates power in the present. As a team leader, you need to understand why what we’re doing matters and how to translate it to your teams.

How home inspectors have adapted to social distancing

Many buyers and sellers are viewing properties and having their homes visited in a much different way thanks to COVID-19. The same is true for home inspections.

The night before closing

What an honour to be part of this new chapter in other peoples lives. I am grateful I can do this as a career.

Stigmatized properties and the duty to disclose

When a property carries an unfavourable quality or is unattractive to the buyer or tenant for reasons completely unrelated to the physical condition or features in a home, then it’s referred to as a stigmatized property.