Recipes for Realtors: What to do with green tomatoes…and figgy butter

This remarkable tomato butter (marmalade) will be a recipe you repeat year after year. It’s made with your green beefsteak tomatoes, fresh on the vine, not yet fully ripened or, alternately, left on the vine at the end of the season.

International buyers: court them or ignore them?

You know that international buyers are important, but are they important enough to warrant an agent’s investment of serious time and effort?

Opinion: The great Ontario electricity rebate con

The Ford government introduced Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER). The rebate is not free, it can’t last and it has not met its purpose of saving money for Ontarians. The government is “stealing from Peter to pay Paul.”

Mitigating risk when buyers opt to waive a home inspection

What happens when a buyer wins a bid only to discover the foundation is cracked, the roof is leaking, the house isn’t safe or there are rodents in the attic?

Letters: Charging everyone the same for E&O insurance isn’t fair

Every licensed real estate broker and salesperson in Ontario must have Errors & Omission Insurance to protect the public and themselves from lawsuits from errors.

Dealing with bullies and big egos

You don’t need to put up with bullies or arrogant jerks who are being unprofessional and just to make themselves feel good. This short video might help you deal with belligerent people and make you smile too.

In real estate, every day is Earth Day

Here are five things that you can do to connect authentically with your clients and your communities around Earth Day.

Alberta: An affordable place to call home

The real estate market in Alberta is heating up, but housing prices are still reasonable enough that first-time buyers can invest in a property that they can actually afford.

Banks and credit unions are changing Canada’s real estate industry

Insightt now predicts that in the next five years, most major banks and credit unions will own their own real estate brokerage company. Here are some of the reasons we think that will happen.

Dan St. Yves: You’ve (still) got spam!

So, is spam just “junk mail” now? While the term is perhaps a bit tired, I miss the cartoon bubble that used to invoke above my head with an image of a can of Klik luncheon meat, or the even more iconic cooked pork Spam.