Dream home, then and now

It is a curious thing what a couple can collect after 30+ years together, such as an old book that I had packed into a box: How To Build Your Dream Home For Less Than $3,500.

Ontario’s Real Estate Salesperson Program one year later

At the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), we’re approaching the first anniversary of the Real Estate Salesperson Program.

A lesson about roommates for tenant agents

A recent Real Estate Council of Ontario decision makes it clear that there are certain cases in which agents acting for tenants must disclose the presence of roommates.

Are exclusive listings gaining traction in sellers’ markets?

The “exclusive” (or non-MLS) listing has been more widely used in our sellers’ market conditions in Ottawa during the last couple of years.

Ontario’s new residential tenancies bill isn’t really that bad

The Protecting Tenants and Strengthening Community Housing Act (Bill 184) affecting residential tenancies is now law. If everyone is complaining about this bill, the law may not be so bad after all.

Are real estate prices about to drop?

There are many experts who are saying the opposite of the real estate agents. Evan Siddall, CEO of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., who is an expert on Canada’s mortgage health, said not to trust data from Realtors.

“Master” or “primary”: A bedroom by any other name

CREA recently announced it is creating the field “Primary Bedroom” on Realtor.ca. This would allow MLS systems across the country to feed their “master bedroom” data field to this display name on the public portal.

Running multiple businesses – pro or con?

Is it a conflict of interest to operate multiple businesses while working as a real estate agent? Many Realtors find that having a few non-conflicting contracts is quite helpful and motivational.

Sean Morrison: Four ideas. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

The OREA board landed on four bold, new ideas. Before we greenlight these programs, we want to hear from our members one last time about which new services will provide the greatest benefits.

The bus bench conundrum

Are bus benches worth the expense, or not? It depends. Let’s look at two extreme scenarios.