Wildfires know no borders

The early start and frequency of this year’s fires is notable and the unpredictability of when and where these blazes are going to start is concerning to many in the region. Large fires can start close to populated areas with no notice, and it’s crucial to be prepared.

Recipes for Realtors: Red salmon pate

You might want to serve this with my Chicken Liver Pate. A different kind of surf and turf! 

The For Sale By Owner rant

You’ve heard the ads. “Johnny hired ‘FSBO Inc.’ and saved over $15,000!” Really? How does Johnny know he saved $15,000? How does he know he didn’t actually lose money by choosing not to hire an experienced, highly skilled agent?

The Canadian race to automated property valuation supremacy

Disruption tools have the potential to dramatically change the face of the real estate industry. Nowhere is there a better example of real estate disruption than Zillow in the United States and their "Zestimate".

4 frequently asked questions about home staging

During the past 20 years, professional home staging has a proven track record as one of the most effective marketing tactics in real estate transactions. It is now frequently used for all types of homes at all market values.

Why nearly half of agents think this is a bubble

At 44 per cent, nearly half of Canadian real estate agents believe Canada is experiencing a residential real estate bubble.

Opinion: The real issues with housing affordability for seniors

According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., one in four Canadians will be over the age of 55 within five years and many of them won’t have enough money to see them through “aging in place with dignity”.

Fear of multiple offers syndrome

How often have you heard this? “My clients like the property, but they don’t want to participate in multiple offers.” I’ve had my own clients who suffered from FoMO (fear of multiple offers) syndrome.

Realtors should reflect on developments in macroeconomic landscape

In the past couple of months, the sales figures have slowed, according to data from CREA. Does this mean Canada’s housing market growth has reached its peak?

Dan St. Yves: Farewell, family home!

For what feels like eons now, my family members and I have been working to clear out the various belongings my mother had to leave behind when she moved into an assisted living facility.