Mistakes that land salespeople in litigation

Too many court cases involving agents are a result of one common denominator – not doing due diligence. Here are some recommendations on how not to get sued by doing a proper job when buying or listing.

Recipes for Realtors: Panzanella salad – Christmas fruitcake croutons all year long

Need to use up leftover frozen Christmas fruitcake croutons? Make a panzanella Christmas fruitcake croutons salad. Use the leftover Christmas fruitcake cake croutons as the base for this very special panzanella salad.

Dan St. Yves: Over the hill or just starting to climb?

I recall a fellow agent I used to work with who was around 80-years-old (give or take) and she was as vibrant and engaged as fellow Realtors not even half her age.

Watch for employee burn out on your team

A question I ask candidates in an interview is, “Why are you interested in a new position?” All too often the candidate responds by saying that they feel over-worked and under-appreciated at their current job and want a new opportunity.

The most fun part of being a Realtor

Do you remember when you were a new agent and how fun it was to be out with buyers looking at properties?

Lessons from the pandemic

When we went into our first lockdown under COVID-19, there was a feeling that the real estate market would slow. The 18 months of restrictions have given us time to reflect and re-evaluate how to proceed in the future.

The Publisher’s Page: REM’s print edition returns

We are immensely proud to say that the time has finally come for that return. Our Fall 2021 issue, out now, is our first in over a year, and only our second to feature the new and improved design.

The real estate industry in 5 years: More agents, fewer brokerages

Looking for a better work-life balance and control of their own destiny, many of those leaving long-time careers in other fields are looking at real estate as a possible “next career” choice.

Real estate tech trends to watch

I recently spoke to Realtor Kristi Mercier, the chair of CREA’s technology committee, and Patrick Pichette, vice-president of Realtor.ca to talk about technology trends shaping the real estate industry in Canada.

Opinion: OREA’s solution addresses symptoms, not causes of unaffordability

While the Ontario Real Estate Association’s proposal is a good first step, these suggestions address symptoms, not causal factors of housing unaffordability.