Letters to the Editor: Einstein was right

As everybody knows, supply and demand is a basic principle. If supply is higher, prices go down. If demand is higher, prices go up.

How to get your real estate brokerage off the ground

With the ever-changing nature of the real estate industry, there are more opportunities for entrepreneurs to build and grow a successful business. Now more than ever, agents, teams and associate brokers are interested in launching a startup brokerage.

4 ridiculously simple ways to become more organized

If your goal is to complete 50+ or 100+ deals per year, you must learn to use some basic organizational skills to increase productivity and decrease anxiety. The following ideas are so ridiculously simple that you can start immediately.
Oshawa, Ontario, Canada - July 01, 2019: Oshawa city hall, on the Lake Ontario shoreline.

Oshawa says REM column misrepresented facts on rental housing licensing review

The article written by columnist Chris Seepe, contains speculation on behalf of the author who has misrepresented facts and made numerous false and defamatory statements. We have outlined the statements by the author and the facts below.

Tiny home movement offers real-world solutions

Owning a tiny dwelling as a starter home can be a steppingstone to traditional home ownership, a way to live debt free and retire within your pension budget and remain financially independent.

Recipes for Realtors: Compound butter coins

If you keep a ready-to-use frozen supply of compound butter coins available, you can add a je nais ce quois factor to many dishes, sometimes changing up the overall taste to an exponential flavour level.

Oshawa proposal is state-sanctioned surveillance by unaccountable enforcement officers

Oshawa has set up a demerit point system that rates how “bad” every housing provider is by employing 33 additional bylaw officers at a cost of almost $5 million. The city essentially sanctioned a state-run surveillance regime.

Why is home staging so expensive?

The acceptance and understanding of home staging services as a critical part of a successful real estate marketing package has come a long way in the last five to seven years.

Stigmatized and haunted properties: Edmonton’s Lorri Brewer with Gerald Tostowaryk

After a near-death experience, Edmonton Realtor Lorri Brewer’s life changed dramatically, taking her along a path she never considered.

How to make LinkedIn work for you

Your LinkedIn profile is one of the first things people see when they look you up online. It’s your opportunity to make a great first impression and control the conversation, as long as you’re using it correctly.