Shafin Jadavji on the current and future role of commercial brokerages

I recently spoke with Shafin Jadavji, president and broker of record at Cubecom Commercial Realty, about meeting changing consumer needs in commercial real estate.

How to give constructive employee feedback

Frequent feedback lets team members know how their work is being perceived, both positively and negatively, and whether they are on the right track with their work.

Dan St. Yves: Holiday listings

I need to get creative here in this column space. Why not a list of unique “holiday properties” that need to be sold before the new year?
Bocconcini balls wreath (Photo by Greg O’Beirne)

Recipes for Realtors: Bocconcini balls wreath

To make this wreath, invest in the large bocconcini balls. It’s worth asking the deli to include the liquid even though it adds weight at the checkout scale.

Blind bidding: Is post-transaction mandated transparency the answer?

Open bidding won’t help to lower prices; only more housing inventory will do that. A recent Smart Property Institute study of countries that mandate open bidding found that home prices have escalated even faster than in Canada in recent years.

Social media: The mind-numbing productivity killer

Lately, I’ve noticed that my addiction to Facebook has gotten worse. How about you? Do you find yourself wasting time, mindlessly scrolling through your social media feeds?

Passive House in Hamilton leads in affordable housing options

The certified Passive House is “the simplest, lowest-cost environmental solution to affordable housing,” says Medora Uppal, director of operations at YWCA Hamilton.

Will B.C.’s proposed cooling off period impact home prices?

The B.C. government, with the goal of slowing escalating real estate prices, is proposing legislation for a seven-day cooling off period for all resale transactions.

Accelerate your career by joining or creating an online community

During the pandemic, we saw many behavioural changes. One of them was the surge in online communities that offered critical – if not life saving – services and support.

It’s time to review Canada’s land transfer tax structure

Now that we are recovering from the pandemic shock that brought cities and factories to a screeching halt, it might be the opportune time to reflect on taxes, especially land transfer taxes.