Pitfalls of gifting a home to your child

Parents are “gifting” or selling their rental properties to their children for a nominal value. While this is a valid strategy, there are several important factors to consider.

The lie of the averages

Real estate pundits point to the average sale price to conclude whether the market is crashing or hyper-inflating. The problem is that averages don’t tell much of a story.

Can you make money in the Toronto real estate market?

“Clearly” a bubble in the market was about to pop and I didn’t want to be the fool who failed to time the market. Only recently have I come to terms with the fact that I was the fool.

Vacation property pitfalls

While such preservation of vistas and nature protect the environment associated with a cottage or vacation property, it also complicates the buying and selling process. Here are some common pitfalls.

Today’s clients demand transparency

We're seeing a steady rise in the willingness of clients to file complaints against agents for unprofessional behaviour. And worse, get a litigator involved.

Boost your mood and your career by giving

For every helping hand you extend, you become happier and more successful, while also losing the pain in your neck because you no longer have to “watch your back”.

Your New Year goal: Have no goals

The problem with goal setting and being goal orientated is that you fail to learn and, ironically, achieve the goal.

Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan: New rules for buying a property with a tenant –...

Ontario’s Fair Housing Plan has negatively affected more than just the renting market, it has also negatively affected the process of buying and selling a property.

An easy way to avoid a lawsuit

If you practice ethical behavior consistently – from how you act with your family members to how you treat your clients and other real estate professionals – you’ll become “lawsuit-proof”.

If it says it’s binding, is it binding?

The tenant walks away from the "binding" offer to lease. Can you save the deal? Taking these steps protects you from any surprise material issues popping up and ruining your supposed binding offer.