If it says it’s binding, is it binding?

The tenant walks away from the "binding" offer to lease. Can you save the deal? Taking these steps protects you from any surprise material issues popping up and ruining your supposed binding offer.

The renaissance of renting

A homeowner who stops paying mortgage payments is likely to experience swifter eviction and longer damaging financial repercussions than a renter who stops paying rent.

How dates can cost you your commission

Now here’s where it gets problematic: the property doesn’t sell after six months. Upset with the result, your client decides to sell the property on his own. The property sells in the seventh month. Are you entitled to your commission?

The right of subrogation and releases

Most leases require a tenant to obtain insurance that is consistent with the lease terms before they can enter a premises. Despite this fundamental prerequisite to enter, most tenants fail to meet the lease’s insurance provision.

Leasing to a marijuana business

The legal marijuana business is booming and landlords are taking notice because these businesses have a solid cash flow and are able to pay a premium in rent. Make sure the following critical steps are taken to avoid risk.

The law may not be fair, but it hates takers

The common rule is that you must be ruthless during negotiations to succeed. This belief couldn’t be farther from the truth. Not only will you destroy your relationships, but you’ll also fail to have a legally enforceable deal.

How to decode the elusive operating cost clause

This clause is brutal to read and causes confusion. The common solution: ignore it and hope for the best! The problem: if you don’t deal with the confusion you are guaranteed mismanaged expectations, conflict and exploitation.

Would you or should you agree to discharge liens?

Should you advise your tenant client to agree discharge all liens? And why is this even in the offer? The problem with the clause in this example is that it doesn’t allow for the tenant to pursue a claim in earnest.

Why real estate sales reps get sued

Lawsuits are not inevitable if you know the most likely reasons why real estate sales reps get sued and how to keep yourself from making fatal mistakes. Here are the top three reasons why you’ll get sued.

The dangers of fit outs: Tenant inducements in commercial leases

We all know nothing in life is free. So why do we believe this to be the case with tenant inducements? Inducements are not free, and just because you paid for it doesn't mean you can keep it.