Ontario seeks feedback in review of Real Estate and Business Brokers Act (REBBA)

People across Ontario understand the importance of real estate in this province, both as an investment and as a place to live and raise...

Letter: Search websites can’t find lifestyle properties

This opens the door to people choosing their homes based upon lifestyle criteria rather than location. I much prefer to work from my ski chalet rather than my city home.

Letters to the Editor: A reply to “Help your clients with mortgage shopping”

We are concerned that this article misinforms the public about obtaining mortgage advice, and exposes real estate industry members to an unnecessary risk of facing disciplinary measures or civil liability.

Letters: Measurement standards in Alberta

RECA sent a news message to all real estate licensees in Alberta on Nov. 26 regarding existing measurement standards in Alberta. The Guide to Measuring Residential Properties in Alberta is now available on RECA’s website.

Remember the spiders when blogging

Yes, Realtors need to blog. My point is that what you write about on the Internet will get analyzed and sorted by these little spiders in ways that are difficult to comprehend.

Column is “unprofessional nonsense”

Regarding the article, Opinion: A new name for “unprofessionals” by Chris Seepe: You had my interest right up until “realturd”. This kind of unprofessional nonsense is unbecoming of our industry and should require a retraction.
Stratford, Ontario

Letters to the Editor: Another view on “Leaving it to the local sales reps”

Am I doing my seller a disservice by not necessarily knowing all of the distances to all of the schools or when garbage day is? Not really. I am happy that my business gets me out the door and away from sitting behind a desk.

Letters to the Editor: FINTRAC legislation a mess

I speak of the draconian and ugly FINTRAC legislation that Prime Minister Harper passed in 2008. It is a total flop. One hundred and ten thousand members of CREA along were mandated by law to “spy for the state”, all in a shroud of secrecy.
Marty Douglas

Letters to the Editor: Don’t retire, Marty!

We need Marty Douglas’ intelligence, experience humour and wit. My wife takes the REM paper away from me to read Marty, and she’s not even in real estate!

Letters: Grow-ops are a big problem

It’s one teeny little lie, except it is fraud. If found out, the Realtor could be charged.