Letters: Charging everyone the same for E&O insurance isn’t fair

Every licensed real estate broker and salesperson in Ontario must have Errors & Omission Insurance to protect the public and themselves from lawsuits from errors.

Letters: Responding to the very annoyed Realtor

The letter I am a very annoyed Realtor offers up frustration with the limitations imposed by existing rules. I agree with the sentiment. The suggestion that making a real estate offer is like bidding at an auction is not a fair comparison.

Letters: I am a very annoyed Realtor

I thought I’d take this opportunity to state my grievances about our current real estate industry. I’ve read some of the REM articles and felt compelled to send this to you.

Letters: Old school approach in a new market

In this age of super-fast technology and the gadgets that make our real estate transactions work, I’m suggesting that we not totally lose sight of “old school” approaches every now and then.

AREA’s support was critical to my well-being

I hadn’t really understood the role of industry associations like AREA. However, when my charter rights were threatened by RECA, I found that AREA was there to defend me by providing moral support and legal advice.

Letters to the Editor: Ontario’s emergency legislation is unfair to landlords

The new law passed by Doug Ford stating that landlords cannot evict tenants who don’t pay rent and/or who cause damage to the landlord’s investment is a grossly unjust, unprecedented and highly prejudicial law.
Phil Soper

Phil Soper on the interest rate cut in response to COVID-19

I have previously spoken to the paradox that interest rate cuts, made in response to economic weakness, can bolster housing markets. Many of our major cities are enduring structurally persistent housing shortages.

Letters: Ontario had land transfer tax since 1921

In the September issue of REM, Bill Johnston wrote that until April 1974, Ontario didn’t have a land transfer tax. The fact is that Ontario’s first Land Transfer Tax was introduced in 1921.

Letters: Kingsway Real Estate still operating

iPro did not purchase Kingsway Real Estate Brokerage at all. Not even one share of the corporation. Kingsway brokerage is fully operating.

Michael Bourque responds to letter about lobbying efforts

The myths presented in the letter are erroneous. We don’t host cocktail parties. We have made over a dozen submissions on FINTRAC. We advocate regularly on the stress test.