How agents kill deals over home inspections

As a manager, I have seen too many deals fall through because of home inspections. Here is how home inspection conditions should be handled.

Lisa Thompson: Changes at last in force for Ontario Realtors

Under the new rules, real estate professionals are now able to incorporate and be paid through Personal Real Estate Corporations (PRECs), like so many other professionals in our province.

A disturbing trend: Buyers fail to deliver deposit cheques

There is an alarming trend that is quite rampant in the Toronto area. Buyers are submitting offers, often in multiple offer situations, and then not showing up with the deposit cheque.

Christopher Alexander: A decline in real estate prices is unlikely

The strength of the Canadian real estate market has continued to prove itself time and time again during the pandemic. So why all the fear mongering by Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. (CMHC)?

Another tale of two investments

Once upon a time, in a neighbourhood not so far far away, there lived two investors that chose differently. Who fared better? You be the judge.

Ontario’s Real Estate Salesperson Program one year later

At the Real Estate Council of Ontario (RECO), we’re approaching the first anniversary of the Real Estate Salesperson Program.

Are exclusive listings gaining traction in sellers’ markets?

The “exclusive” (or non-MLS) listing has been more widely used in our sellers’ market conditions in Ottawa during the last couple of years.

Sean Morrison: Four ideas. A once in a lifetime opportunity.

The OREA board landed on four bold, new ideas. Before we greenlight these programs, we want to hear from our members one last time about which new services will provide the greatest benefits.

COVID-19 and the safety of big city living

COVID-19 hit some large cities early in the pandemic. The idea that density raises the risk of contagion may sound straightforward, but on examination, its premise is not well supported by data.

David Larock: Why CMHC president Evan Siddall went rogue

House prices have gone up, not down, and the debt-deferral cliff CMHC's outgoing president Evan Siddall warned about is also looking less ominous.