Agents who specialize will recover their business faster

We are facing the strong possibility of a recession and depressed markets because of the uncertain trajectory of COVID-19. However, when the market rebounds – and it will – owning a niche or specialization will be essential in helping agents revive their businesses all the more quickly.

Title insurance critical to fight fraud in uncertain times

Real estate, insurance and legal industries in particular are facing significant hurdles when closing deals, and services like title insurance have never been more important.

Staying ahead of the proptech revolution

Can you imagine running your real estate business without the internet or your smart phone? Those who do not plan to retire in the next three to five years better keep reading!

How agents can keep busy while social distancing

Everyone should be adopting social distancing or voluntary self-isolation to help slow the spread of COVID-19. Here are some tips about what real estate professionals can do while they are spending time at home.

How organized real estate must change

We can agree that the role of the Realtor five to 10 years from now will look vastly different than it does today.

How real estate marketing has changed

Having been in the real estate industry since 2005, I can tell you how marketing for the right buyer has changed drastically.

Why you need to attend the REALiTY conference

New technologies and big money are changing the face of Canadian real estate: are you ready for the new REALiTY?

Realtors are the regulators of the staging industry

Certification for a stager is as important as a real estate license is to an agent. Why?  Simply so people know what to expect when hiring a stager.

Joe Richer: What defines professionalism in the real estate industry?

When buying or selling a home, we know that working with a regulated real estate professional is in the consumer's best interest. With that in mind, it’s important to reflect upon what defines professionalism in the industry.
Tim Hudak is CEO of the Ontario Real Estate Association.

Tim Hudak: Legislation makes Ontario a leader in real estate regulation

TRESA will modernize Ontario’s outdated real estate rules while strengthening consumer protection and fixing the broken real estate discipline system.