Phil Soper: Canada needs to get housing right

Affordability is simply the symptom – the result of the underlying malady. Canada’s crisis is our meager housing supply. We have far too few roofs to shelter our people.

Some new recruits expect to make easy money in real estate

The average home price in Toronto is more than $1 million. An agent might typically earn a commission of about $25,000 selling a property at this price. A lot of people look at that equation and think, “I can do that.”
Anna Depalma

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For Depalma, the COVID-19 pandemic further emphasized the need to focus on digital marketing. “You have to be online for people to see you,” she said. “That’s why I invested in a GoDaddy website.”

Why pay commission to a Realtor?

During my career I have heard many versions of these two questions: “Why should I pay a Realtor to sell my property?” and “What do I get in return for the commission I pay?”

Women in real estate: Advancing diversity

Real estate professionals who identify as women have made remarkable advancements towards equal representation in the industry.

Become a real estate trading insider

As a real estate professional, you have the ability to be an industry insider in the field of real estate. Many of us are missing out because we use this knowledge and insight for our clients, but we fail to use it for ourselves.

International buyers: court them or ignore them?

You know that international buyers are important, but are they important enough to warrant an agent’s investment of serious time and effort?

Alberta: An affordable place to call home

The real estate market in Alberta is heating up, but housing prices are still reasonable enough that first-time buyers can invest in a property that they can actually afford.

Why Canadian real estate companies should worry about Zillow

Traditional Canadian real estate companies should be concerned about Zillow and other new proptech companies that are capable of disrupting the traditional business model.

A capital gains tax is not a panacea

A capital gains tax would effectively create a disincentive for anyone to ever list their home, and further exacerbate the already dire lack of housing supply across Canada.