Opinion: The great Ontario electricity rebate con

The Ford government introduced Ontario Electricity Rebate (OER). The rebate is not free, it can’t last and it has not met its purpose of saving money for Ontarians. The government is “stealing from Peter to pay Paul.”

Opinion: Organized insurance scam or troubled industry?

From what I have researched I don’t see anything that indicates that the Canadian insurance industry and 82 per cent of its member companies were hurt by COVID-19 – quite the opposite.

Opinion: On TRREB’s recent technology announcement

The Toronto Regional Real Estate Board might survive the technology sea change by morphing its MLS into a Zillow-like service but where does that leave Realtors?

Opinion: Making affordable housing unaffordable

My partner and I invested just under $1 million to purchase a beautiful ranch-style bungalow that we converted into long-term affordable "home share" housing for seniors in Peterborough, Ont.

Opinion: COVID-19 and the fall of organized real estate

Management of some of the very largest real estate boards has demonstrated a profound lack of awareness of the 60-foot tsunami heading their way.

COVID-19 might kill the rental property industry

The net profit from a rental property is much less than tenants, media and the government believe, and it's these same entities who collectively think residential landlords are rich and can afford to carry all the consequent losses caused by COVID-19.

No affordable housing for another decade

Very little of substance from any level of government in Canada gives me hope that affordable housing in Ontario will become a reality within the next decade, but I see much evidence that it won’t happen.

Ontario’s rent increase guideline – Is it fair?

Most residential landlords would say without hesitation that Ontario’s annual rent increase guideline does not fairly reflect the true cost of operating a residential rental property in Ontario. Is that really true?
Courtice, Ontario, Canada-June 09, 2019: Sign of Ontario Power Generation on the building at Darlington Energy Complex in Courtice, Ontario, the building supporting refurbishment reactors.

Nuclear plant relocations may create a housing meltdown

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) announced that it's moving all its “non-station” groups to Clarington. The fallout on the social fabric of the region will have profound consequences.
taxes for real estate agents

Do residential tenants pay property tax? Of course they do

Just about everyone believes that residential rental property owners pay the property tax as part of their operating costs. It’s a universal misperception.