Will budget 2022 make housing affordable?

Budget 2022 has the word “affordability” written loud and clear for virtually every aspect. Housing features in its Foreword and the government has expressly conceded that Canada “does not have enough homes.”

Recipes for Realtors: Dover sole or sole fillets meunière and mustard sauce

Working with Dover sole as a whole fish needs an experienced hand. But an excellent substitute is below.

Why do some Realtors employ staging while others don’t?

I have encountered many Realtors who assumed that the staging industry has been slow because we are in a seller’s market. It is far from the truth.

Who profits most from unaffordable housing?

All tenant advocates and most politicians and media blame the obvious culprits: landlords and investors. But who really benefits? Who stands to profit most from increased prices? Follow the money.
Altea Active Toronto is an 89,000-plus-square-foot wellness and social club

Capitalizing on the fitness boom

Altea Active Toronto is a “one-of-a-kind urban playground, designed to foster community and encourage social interaction,” says Michael Nolan, co-founder and COO of Altea Active.

Are there options to offset higher mortgage payments?

Reports suggest people are flocking to mortgage agents to seek advice on how rate hikes would impact their home loan repayments. According to estimates, mortgage loans have a substantial share in the total household debt in Canada.

Dan St. Yves: If new listings had critics to review them

It strikes me that so many things we partake in often take advantage of professional critics or reviewers, upon early access. Imagine if new listings came with a critic, if you will…

Real estate agents must do more than just submit an offer

If you want to discover new issues that are arising in our industry – and what Realtors must learn to do – you should peruse the decisions of your regulatory bodies.

The 3 most critical elements of every great real estate agent

A highly skilled real estate agent with high integrity and a deep chest of knowledge is unstoppable. It’s possible to have high integrity and a deep chest of knowledge but low skills.

Understanding the consumer decision process

The goal of any good promoter or sales representative is to persuade the consumer to choose their product or service. In real estate, this means getting homeowners to list their property and to influence home buyers to shop at your “store.”