How about Train Your Dog To Cha Cha day?

I think it might not be a bad idea to get ahead of the curve and try creating a new annual celebration to fill in the lag between all the others. Is there any valid reason we can’t have a Beach Ball Frisbee Day every year or Train Your Dog To Cha Cha holiday?

Two strategies to create more balance in your life

Recently I celebrated my 21st wedding anniversary, so in honour of my amazing wife Michelle, here are two strategies I’ve implemented to create more time for her and our kids.

Phil Soper: Canada needs to get housing right

Affordability is simply the symptom – the result of the underlying malady. Canada’s crisis is our meager housing supply. We have far too few roofs to shelter our people.

Are you too busy to be productive?

By simply realigning their priorities, managers and brokers can lead their company or department in a way that builds customer and staff loyalty, reduces operating costs, makes more money and serves as a model corporate citizen.

The opportunity cost of real estate investment

A buildup of high mortgage debt remains an outlier, and a likely cause of concern but only in the event of a slower-than-expected economic revival.

Canadian cities lead the world in COVID price gains

I have some data in front of me that compares today’s home prices in 21 global cities to those same cities’ prices before the COVID-19 pandemic. The numbers make clear that Canada’s rapidly rising home prices are no anomaly.

Fulfilling purchase agreements in good faith

In Tsui v. Zhuoqi, Ontario’s Superior Court of Justice addressed two complex issues. First, what duties do sellers owe purchasers when damage to a property may be substantial and second, what constitutes substantial damage to property?
Photo by Edrece Stansberry on Unsplash

Recipes for Realtors: Fatted grilled oysters and creamed sea scallops

Any way you enjoy my seafood gourmet dipping sauce, it’s one delicious sauce. The sauce keeps well, refrigerated, for a few days.
Photo by Deb Ransom

Opinion: Review of the Conservatives’ Recovery Plan for the housing crisis

The Conservative Party's Recovery Plan includes the party’s platform on housing affordability actions if they are elected, on pages 55 to 56. Here are my comments about their plan.

How to become a prospect pick-up artist at open houses

Recently I introduced The Easy-Cool Prospect-to-Client Conversion Method. Here’s how it works in a real-world open house situation.