Fear of multiple offers syndrome

How often have you heard this? “My clients like the property, but they don’t want to participate in multiple offers.” I’ve had my own clients who suffered from FoMO (fear of multiple offers) syndrome.

Realtors should reflect on developments in macroeconomic landscape

In the past couple of months, the sales figures have slowed, according to data from CREA. Does this mean Canada’s housing market growth has reached its peak?

Dan St. Yves: Farewell, family home!

For what feels like eons now, my family members and I have been working to clear out the various belongings my mother had to leave behind when she moved into an assisted living facility.

Why good proptech goes bad

To untangle the thorny web that catches proptech entrepreneurs off-guard, I turned to possibly the most plugged-in industry leaders in Canada – Lynette Keyowski, managing partner of REACH Canada and Mike McAra, director of REACH Canada.

10 ideas to deliver the unexpected to your buyers

For sales and business professionals who truly want to succeed, the only place to operate is in the highest level of value delivery: the unexpected value.
Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

Recipes for Realtors: Coconut Panna Cotta

If you enjoy Asian coconut chicken rice or other coconut entrées, you might want to finish the meal with this delicious coconut panna cotta to continue the flavour profile.

Barry Lebow talks to Bob Aaron about wills and estates

In this video, I interview Bob about misconceptions involving wills, including what will happen if you die without a will (no, the government doesn’t take it all).
Photo by Curtis Adams from Pexels

Staging: Simple ideas that will make a difference

Creating a visually pleasing space where every single buyer can imagine their future should be your goal. Here are five ideas that will make a big difference.

Rising mortgage debt can correct housing market

Canadian households are “loaded with mortgage debt”. If the Bank of Canada’s warning is anything to go by, the decline in household income will be coupled with a fall in housing prices.

How to successfully manage your team

When you are the leader of a team, you need to manage and leverage your duties and team members, to create a performance environment for everyone.