Opinion: Organized insurance scam or troubled industry?

From what I have researched I don’t see anything that indicates that the Canadian insurance industry and 82 per cent of its member companies were hurt by COVID-19 – quite the opposite.

A story about door knocking

My door knocking led me to a doorman who helped define this last decade of my career. His simple effort has remained at the forefront of my mind each and every time someone needs or asks for my assistance in any way, shape or form.

Recipes for Realtors: Shiraz spicy sauce

I was recently introduced to Two Oceans South African Shiraz and was told it’s the same as my often used Obikwa. An oxymoron: the same but different.

Letters: I am a very annoyed Realtor

I thought I’d take this opportunity to state my grievances about our current real estate industry. I’ve read some of the REM articles and felt compelled to send this to you.

Habit-forming routines – the key to creating credibility consistently

Introducing routines into your work-life is a powerful habit-forming technique to ensure you get all your important work done consistently. You can’t just do it sometimes!

Is remote work the future of the real estate industry?

We speak with hundreds of candidates regularly, and our newest and most popular question is: “Can I work from home?” Currently, the answer is more often than not: no. So why is the real estate industry still stuck in the past?

Why Canadian real estate companies should worry about Zillow

Traditional Canadian real estate companies should be concerned about Zillow and other new proptech companies that are capable of disrupting the traditional business model.

A capital gains tax is not a panacea

A capital gains tax would effectively create a disincentive for anyone to ever list their home, and further exacerbate the already dire lack of housing supply across Canada.

Diary of a real estate developer

The following is an abbreviated timeline of my first development project. There are a lot of details and side stories that have been omitted, but this gives you a good idea of what you’ll need to go through if you want to get into land development.

Dan St. Yves: Repairman by circumstance

I wish I was handy in a “Tim The Tool Man Taylor” sort of way. I’m much more of a “Tim The Bent & Broken Tool Bit” type when it comes to home maintenance capabilities.