Coldwell Banker Commercial has updated its branding. The company says its new logo retains the signature Coldwell Banker Commercial blue as an homage to the brand’s strong heritage, but has a refreshed, sleek font with updated “CB” initialing.

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“Our refreshed look is an investment for our clients. We are instilling a sense of trust and loyalty among those we service and throughout the commercial real estate community,” says Daniel Spiegel, managing director of Coldwell Banker Commercial.

Based on a recent brand perception survey by real estate decision makers, Coldwell Banker Commercial was ranked No. 1 in aided awareness, the company says. The survey also found that among these decision makers, 89 per cent rated Coldwell Banker Commercial as “excellent” or “good” when asked their opinion on the brand and 61 per cent said that a connection between commercial and residential positively impacted their brand perception, the company says.

With the network expanding year-over-year, the new logo will continue to solidify Coldwell Banker Commercial’s core messaging of “Be Pathfinders”, the company says.

“Coldwell Banker Commercial has been guiding its clients by adhering to our core values of Do Right, Win Together, Big Hearted and Ownership Mentality for more than a century,” says David Marine, chief marketing officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate. “This launch unifies the look and feel of a network, securing the Coldwell Banker Commercial brand’s iconic image with commercial real estate clients around the world.”


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