Close 10 deals in Q1 with 6 simple action steps


Tune in as we share our top six simple steps to closing our first 10 deals in the first quarter.

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We get hyper-focused on scheduling, how to meet and talk to more people and counting the numbers. Now is the time to increase your focus because results just don’t happen overnight. These straight-forward strategies can be implemented immediately into your daily disciplines to give you the momentum you need to accomplish your goals. Let’s put your plan in place, together. We want to help accelerate your business.


  1. Thank you Johnny! Congratulations on getting your license ;) you’re in for an exciting time! Thank you so much for your positive energy and feedback – we greatly appreciate it! This helps us curate relevant content for our listeners. If you need any help please reach out.

    – Toni Sing

  2. Hi Toni and Jenny,

    Writing from Ottawa, ON. Just got my realtor certificate and hope to get in the game soon. As you can imagine, I am hesitant since it is something new with no guarantees. I still need to choose a brokerage. Agree 100% with Toni. I am also afraid of rejection. Something I will have to overcome. Anyway, I love the podcast. You both bring great energy and passion. I enjoyed the overrated/underrated segment. Thank you Toni for being honest. Out of the 5 items mentioned by Jenny, I only knew 1 or 2.

    Keep up the great work.

    Johnny B
    Real estate rocks.


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