In this video, Toronto real estate lawyer Mark Weisleder outlines changes in Ontario’s Residential Tenancies Act, including expanded rent controls, changes to the “family reason” for terminating a lease, new rules and forms involving evictions and more.

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  1. During the nineteen-nineties, my then-wife and I rented out our home in Oshawa, Ontario after we moved to our newly constructed home on the south shore of Chemong Lake, just north of Peterborough. The new tenant and his wife (who was expecting their first child) seemed like very nice people. He was very affable; she was very shy. He was a tradesman, and we struck up a good conversation during the two interview sessions in part due to my past experiences as a tradesman spent during my twenties and early thirties (as a Steamfitter/Plumber). I had the pending tenants sign a contract stipulating that the only occupants of the dwelling would be the husband, the wife and the soon-to-be-born child. All went well far a couple of months; then the rent cheques began to become late, later and much later. I finally had to drive back to Oshawa to compel the guy to cough up the money three months in a row, about three weeks late or later each time. He was still working full time. During the last collection visit (then nearly forty days in arrears) I spoke with the other tenant who rented the basement from us. He informed me that the “three” had morphed into fifteen. They had brought in a bunch of relatives from the rock to sack out therein and chip in for the rent. They were sleeping all over the place like dead suckers on a beach and the drunken parties had become legendary within a few weeks. I was paying the price for being an absent landlord.
    I called the authorities to ask about the legality of the situation and was told that there was nothing that I could do but grin and bear it. After talking with city hall officials, the rent review board, and our then provincial M.P.P., I took things into my own hands. I “tricked” the guy, as Mark calls it, and served him with a sixty-day eviction notice due to the fact that my wife and I were separating and pursuant to that I was going to move back into the house. The misrepresentative lying drunk said that he would sick the gov’ment on me because he didn’t believe me, and that he would stand guard around the corner after they moved out to see if I was going to move in as stated. Then I played my trump card.
    I arranged for my monthly inspection of the premises…accompanied by my step son-in-law, who was an O.P.P. officer…attired in full uniform. We attended at the house a week later, looked in every cupboard and found about fifty empty forty-pounder whiskey bottles. But all evidence of the rock people had been removed, along with the itinerant rock people themselves. “Where are they?” I asked. “None of your business!” was the reply. “You signed a contract” I stated. “Invalid” was the rock man’s reply. I was dealing with a professional renter it seemed. “Make sure you don’t leave any of your garbage or whiskey bottles around here when you leave.” I told him. “I’ll sue you.” he said. “So sue me.” I replied. Then I went downstairs and instructed my basement tenant to advise rock man that a police officer would be lurking around the corner every day until they left waiting to nail him on a drunk driving charge before he reached the next block. (He regularly drove drunk, I had been told)
    Come eviction date the rock people were all gone. The house was left spotless. I never got sued. My “trick” worked. “Fight fire with fire!” has always been my motto. Screw me around? Be prepared to be screwed around yourself, pardner.
    Wynne-bag will likely lose the Ontario provincial election next year.

  2. When you look back to the late Eighties and early Nineties there were Rental Increases of up to 6% and that has changed drastically in the Tenants’ favour. The average allowable rental increases between 1987-1993 was over 5% and from 2011-2017 that average was 1.7%.

  3. It does not take much imagination to know how this will turn out. Horror stories and abuses will flourish.
    Giving control of peoples property to someone with no skin in the game is just plain wrong and IMMORAL. If the people of Ontario re-elect these Liberal THIEVES they deserve everything that will come to them.


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