Last March, when COVID-19 brought the economy and real estate markets to a halt, Century 21 Canada introduced a daily online Facebook/Zoom webinar called Be Relentless. They have provided agents with coaching, mentoring, guidance and psychological support. They also created a daily schedule and motivation for salespeople during these unprecedented times. Presenters have included well-known coaches and speakers Alicia Berruti, Chris Leader, Chris Turcotte and David Greenspan.

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Chiyoko Kakino
Chiyoko Kakino

Motivated by the success of the webinars, last week Century 21 launched Campus 21 TV.

Chiyoko Kakino, vice president of marketing for Century 21 Canada, says her goal was to produce a website that allowed salespeople to update and refresh their skills.

“The Netflix-like streaming site is a mix of live webinars and on-demand programming, which can be accessed by any device. Set up in the same layout as Netflix, you can search by topic (such as technology, marketing, social media and coaching academy), or by the names of industry experts (such as Jared James, Kathleen Black, Tom Ferry and David Greenspan).

Leigh Kjekstad, C21’s director of brand engagement says the weekly live Be Relentless webinars are available to everyone, while the on-demand training is available only to C21 salespeople.

“The live training will be posted on the on-demand and live platform later the same day so agents can catch up if they were busy during the live broadcast or can re-watch to review the training,” she says.

Even after COVID-19 has been eradicated or a vaccine is created, Campus 21 TV and the Be Relentless weekly live webinars will continue indefinitely. Salespeople with the brand now have access to a large library of on-demand training videos. The live webinars are held every Monday at 12pm ET/9am PT.


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