Properly has formed a partnership with real estate TV personalities Drew and Jonathan Scott. The Scott Brothers are directly investing in the company.

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“Properly is changing the home-buying experience in Canada for the better, and we’re thrilled to provide our expertise to help accelerate their mission of making buying and selling homes stress-free,” says Drew Scott in a news release. “On TV, we help people buy and sell with ease all the time. Properly’s unique digital tools bring that TV magic to life, allowing Canadians to buy their dream home without any of the traditional challenges associated with selling.”

Properly says with its business model, homeowners can unlock equity in their current home before it even hits the market, which means they can buy their next home without having to carry two mortgages, live through showings or worry about staging and photography. Properly also offers a free home calculator (Instant Estimate), a $20,000 interest-free advance for home improvements (Properly Polish) and a Discovery Portal for browsing home listings and previously sold homes.

“We’ve been in real estate since we were 18-years-old – we’ve seen all the headaches,” says Jonathan Scott. “We always knew there had to be a better way for people to buy and sell, and with Properly, there finally is. It’s a real estate brokerage for the modern consumer, putting people in charge of the biggest financial decision of their lives. That’s why we’re not just partnering with Properly, we’re investing in the company as well.”

Anshul Ruparell, co-founder and CEO of Properly says, “Drew and Jonathan Scott are widely loved for a reason: they make real estate less intimidating – and they make it fun. Having them join our team brings us a huge step closer to making sure Canadians get the real estate experience they deserve.”

Properly also offers sellers professional home prep and staging services “and a roster of top-rated agents,” the company says. It has operated in the Greater Toronto Area since August 2020, and says it plans to expand its digital tools and services to the rest of Canada in 2022.

To celebrate the new partnership, clients who “work with a Properly agent to complete a purchase or sale of a home in the Greater Toronto Area from October 4 to December 31, 2021, will be entered for a chance to win $25,000 in cash and a 45-minute private video consultation with the Scott brothers.”


  1. Properly says “Skip listing”
    I say: By not listing your house to maximize its visibility on the market, you will leave a lot of money on the table, particularly in the crazy Sellers’ market we currently see.

    Properly says “Skip showings”
    I say: You can list your house without bothering about showings. You don’t have to stay in your house for the few days your house may be on the market. You don’t have to prepare your house for every showing. Other options are available.

    Properly says “Skip the stress: Don’t bother with cleaning, repairs, staging, or endless showings. Leave that to us.”
    I say: You can list your house without bothering with cleaning, repairs, staging, and showings.

    Properly says “Skip costly home repairs”
    I say: Listing your house does not mean home repairs to do! You can sell your house as-is, in the current Sellers’ market.

    Properly says “Receive an offer in two business days”
    I say: What will you do with this offer? How will you know if many other buyers are ready and capable to offer you much more? How do you know you can’t get more $ in your pocket, even after paying commissions? The only way to find out is to list your house. This is what they don’t want you to do.

    Properly says “No cost to you”
    I say: There is a cost and a big one! The cost of relinquishing many more thousands of $$$ in your pocket.

    Properly says “No obligation to you”
    I say: Of course, there is no obligation to get a low-ball offer.

    Properly says “Choose your own close date”
    I say: In the current strong sellers’ market, all the sellers choose their own closing date

    Properly says “Move on your schedule”
    I say: In the current strong sellers’ market, all the sellers move on their own schedule

    Properly says “We guarantee a fair, competitive offer” “If they sell your house for more than your initial offer plus the cost of repairs, they will pass 50% of the profit back to you.”
    I say: How will you know for sure that you can’t get more $ in your pocket, even after paying commissions? How will the “cost of repairs” be determined? For sure, they will sell for more than what it will cost them. They will keep 50% of YOUR profit. If you accept their offer, you give them 50% of YOUR profit.


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