I would like to clarify the information printed on our company, in the June edition of REM.
The first sentence of the article implies originally began as an American company who has just recently started its Canadian operation. Although Cashback2. com is the first web site to provide a comprehensive real estate referral system to Canadians, our site launch at the beginning of May pertained to both Canada and the United States — we have not “linked up” to Canada. This makes your title misleading as well.
Your third paragraph did not correctly explain the referral fee process. No part of the 19 per cent commission fee is returned to the customer, rather the agent pays the fee to our subsidiary brokerage firm. All incentive payments are paid directly to the consumer by

Also, your article implies that our referral service comes at “a price”. As an industry professional, I am sure you understand that referrals require referral fee payments, even those that are generated from in-house. Our 19 per cent referral fee is far less than the industry standard of 25 per cent (and in some cases 30 to 40 per cent), which makes us extremely competitive. Additionally, other real estate sites charge agents database and administrative fees. does not charge agents any such fees to be part of our network. We are therefore an industry leader in providing a cost-effective means through which agents can obtain referrals.
Patti Shaw
Public Relations Manager


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