Former award-winning Realtor Carolyne Lederer is offering “a sorely needed new kind of coaching service” for real estate agents.

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Coaching Comfort by Carolyne is “your shoulder to lean on when there’s no one there; no broker to call at 8 p.m. on a Saturday night but you’re about to go on a listing presentation or are preparing your marketing for a brand-new listing. Or you want to talk about how to get more leads,” says Lederer. “Typically brokers are not available 24/7 and sometimes not at all even during regular business hours. Their concentration sometimes is on collecting rent from literally hundreds of their agents.”

Carolyne Lederer
Carolyne Lederer

Lederer says she is “not practising real estate or dealing with forms specific to given areas, just a 24/7 helper on an as-needed basis.” Agents can contact her by phone. “You can call as often as you want. A one-time fee. No manuals to study or workbooks to work with. Purely a coaching comfort call. New agents in particular need someone to connect with at a personal one-on-one level who understands the real estate business.”

Lederer, who writes a cooking column for REM, says she concentrates on helping listing agents “but is totally knowledgeable about buyer brokerage, having adopted it in the mid 1990s when it seemingly appeared overnight with no board support, mandated by the ministry. There are still agents who refuse to practise it even where it is dictated that they must do. Many brokers know nothing about it and don’t want to know. We can talk,” she says.

While operating her own boutique brokerage, the bulk of her business was the listing end of the market, and 60 per cent of her business was double-ending under subagency of the day. “My percentage didn’t change when I decided to participate in buyer brokerage representation in the mid-90s, securing the necessary permissions in writing. I didn’t like it but figured it was here to stay so I studied everything I could get my hands on to learn about it,” she says.

“Recently I helped an out-of-town quite new agent who was thinking of leaving the real estate business when all that was needed was a little confidence building, and she had had no mental or morale support from either of two brokerages. So she was about to give up. She had been medically trained in another country, but not permitted to practice here so had chosen a career in real estate, much to her disappointment, feeling to be a failure. She spoke and wrote excellent English, having learned by watching television. Amazing,” says Lederer.

“In less than a month conversing with me she had suddenly done six transactions and had four more she was working on. An excellent learner, she did everything I suggested. It was just a calm, cool and collected series of discussions.

“She worked from home and even had to book and chase down her own appointments on listings to show as well as arrange appointments for agents who wanted to show her listings. Yet she was registered at a giant name franchise office. The broker/owner was only interested in staying on top of his rent collection from several hundred agents.

Lederer says another agent at the same franchise participates in paying a group fee to a coaching service the broker arranged. Each agent in the group pays five per cent of each closed transaction commission. “She hasn’t had a transaction in a year. But the coach bases his personal coaching fee at $5,000 like many others,” Lederer says. “There were agents in the GTA who didn’t do six transactions in a full year in 2021. And she, too, was feeling lost and didn’t know how to shake apples out of trees.

“Such a sad situation that was costing her money with office fees, yet very little was coming in. She had not read her franchise affiliate contract at her first broker. So she changed brokerages to tighten her costs and what she got was her name and picture on the corporate website. I found her name after some difficulty (no site SEO) but there was no picture there. No one had checked. And she had paid her fees.

“It was a total surprise to her that no one at her new brokerage had added her picture, just her name; and it was very difficult to find on the site with many agents on a list. No details about where she worked geographically. When the picture did appear I told her to get a business haircut and a proper professional photo, nothing Hollywood. Pure business.”

The one-time fee for Coaching Comfort by Carolyne is $2,500. “It seems that most coaching fees are in the $5,000 range,” she says. “And agents will even borrow money to be able to pay $5,000 and more. Some agents offered me $2,500 to shadow me when I was working as an agent, but I was too busy looking after my clients to accept.”

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  1. Hi Carolyne,

    Yes those beautiful signs of yours were very prominent in our Brampton/Bramalea marketplace and I recall another fairly new, yet to become very successful Realtor, who was just launching his career in the 80’s with some exemplary marketing for his time, just loving your signs so much that he broke with the traditional colours of his Brokerage and incorporated your colours, causing a fair bit of confusion at the time. Even then, you were one to watch!

    It was my great pleasure to bring you an offer on one of your listings, I enjoyed the experience and spoke of your professionalism at my monthly meetings when I was the Owner Operator of a Real Estate Brokerage (that will remain nameless). Although now a 37 year veteran, for almost 20 years, I, like you, gave it my all and encouraged my troups to be the most ethical in the business and uphold the highest professional standards. Fortunate to have some of the best people in the business work under my shingle at that time and was and I am eternally grateful for having you and them in my life.

    Good luck on your new endeavor Carolyne, the wealth of knowledge you have could be the life line needed by so many new to the industry who don’t really know just how much they don’t really know or where to start. Even those few who may have got off to an easy start in the crazy 2021-22 market, just by having a couple of eager Buyers or Sellers and therein generating a couple of fairly easy deals, will eventually have to face the reality that this business is a challenging one, and one as it were , can never be too prepared!

    But, when the tide turns, as we know it must, those who sign up with you might just be fortunate enough to be inspired by your wisdom and secure themselves a very solid footing to move forward in an extremely competitive business.

    Wishing you a mountain of success and enjoyment, as I know the later will be your biggest motivator.

    Best Regards,
    Rose Mary Morris
    Real Estate Broker
    iPro Realty Ltd Brokerage

    • Thank you for your kind words, Rose Mary.

      Well, supposedly imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. People occasionally called me and asked if he worked for me. Not hardly.

      The first opportunity I had when licensed, four decades ago, I inquired of the local Board if I as a mere sales rep could I attend a broker manager board meeting to see what went on and if joining a committee was appropriate for a newbie. Permission granted, noted as a most unusual request.

      I excused myself as the meeting was drawing to its finish and said I would stay in touch. The broker for a local builder, (I forget his name), chairing the meeting said something to the effect: “I’m SURE we’ll be hearing more from YOU!” I didn’t participate in the meeting of course but likely asked a question or two.

      Some men thought woman belonged in the kitchen not in the boardroom (I did that too, lol) even in 1980. It wasn’t a compliment, said with a sneer. I was wearing my business suit as always and didn’t think I looked like I came to town on the turnip truck (no offence to our farmers). I was ready to do business from day one. And I intended to be taken seriously, with or without my apron.

      The business came naturally to me. A few years after having my own boutique, Ken McL (d) called one day just to share a giggle: he said that at his office meeting he had told his agents: “You can’t let her do this to us.”
      Next day Mike Sk called to repeat that comment. It made my day. I had had no idea so many people were watching my career. Ken asked if I belonged to a mastermind group, and if not, I should start one so other agents could learn the secrets to my success. No thank you. 100% of my time was devoted to my clients who were spending big dollars to have me represent them. I now know I didn’t have what is called a normal life.

      You yourself are one of the most respected in the industry and deserve accolades too.
      Stay strong and be blessed. You mean the world to many. I still chuckle when I think about women in banking not being permitted to wear pants as in pant suits or slacks and a blazer. Sent home to change into proper women’s business attire: a skirt or dress. And I know that was true.

      Today’s bankers hardly wear pin-stripe suits formerly known as banker suits; some even wearing beach flip flops that Japanese customers see as less than professional. And of course medical people lost their white coats uniforms that somehow seemed to mean they were professionals.

      We still believe the best is yet to come.


  2. Congratulations, Carolyne,

    Great to hear you are going to be helping Realtors who are in need of a helping hand.

    You are the person they need to help them as your years of great knowledge and success will take them to the next level.

    I have heard that a lot of new agents haven’t been able to get the help they need from various Brokers. I am blessed to say that I have never had that problem in my 35 years and I work for an amazing Broker that responds within 20 minutes. Sometimes sooner.

    All the Best to you and keep up the Good Work!

    Sending you Peace & Joy. Blessings! Rose

    • Thank you, Rose. A helpful broker can be a lifeline, a safety net.

      Comfort Coach Carolyne

  3. Listen up newbies and just-hanging-on Realtors. I know Carolyne personally. She is is the real deal. Sharp as a tack and always on the right side of right and wrong. She knows what works and what doesn’t. Want to become an actual professional Realtor? The invitation to learn, cut out the sales crap and get it right has been extended. The door has been opened. Take advantage of Carolyne’s offer.

    • Thank you for the vote of confidence and support all the years, Brian


      For those who participate, no more door-knocking, no more phone canvassing; just some practical ideas that worked for creating and supporting a 24% marketshare in my trading area over nearly four decades. It was often suggested I create a mastermind group, but believe it or not I’m a shy person.

      I never paid a penny for SEO, yet I was always on the Google first page, in the top ten local entries very often first in the list. Ask me how that happened. While colleagues were canvassing, I was working with new clients who were calling me asking for an appointment for me to list and or help them buy.

      I had a most wonderful career, for sure. And am willing to help participants enhance or develop their own personal brand. I’m living proof. What I did works. I never actually sold anybody anything ever. I was simply a provider of information. Never rushing and couldn’t wait to get to the office every day, early in the morning, and sometimes I had been out very late the night before.

      What energized me? Putting up the sold sign (ask me how I involved the seller), and activating another new listing. I was often heard to say: sold signs have babies like bunnies reproduce. Learn how that happened. You can do what I did. Find out how. You will be surprised to work less hard and increase your income without any stress.

      Connect with “Comfort Coach Carolyne” at
      [email protected]

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