Gregory Klump
Gregory Klump

Gregory Klump, CREA’s chief economist, has retired after 28 years at the association.

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Klump joined CREA in 1992, serving as staff economist. Promoted to chief economist in 2005, he grew CREA’s economic and data team into a much-quoted source of Canadian real estate data and market analysis.

Klump was instrumental in the development of the MLS Home Price Index, CREA says. He was a member of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp.’s National Housing Research Committee as well as a contributor to the Economic Research Committee of the Canadian Home Builders Association.


  1. Isn’t everyone wondering why the silence on Klump?
    Why the lack of platitudes and outpouring of thanks from CREA?

    Do you remember when we first hired Klump? Were you there voting on this expenditure?

    Did you know coming from CMHC Klump was clueless to why mls stats were designed the way they were?

    Did you know Klump believed every single thing we told him when he took the job?

    You probably were clueless to this in the same way you have no idea why mls stats were created the way they were and you are clueless to why no new stats has been created post the legalization of Buyer Representation!

    A.I. is the unavoidable torpedo organized real estate has feared. MLS stats are about to be debunked for what they really are as MLS data is uploaded into A.I. programs.

    Klump was exposed a couple of years ago for quadruple counting single home sales up to 5 times in CREA aggregated data. Did CREA or your local board ever warn you this was going on?

    Did you know the last CREA monthly report issued under Klumps watch has inflated some cities sales totals in January by over 80% from the number that actually took place?

    These are truths that are unavoidable the it is only the current state of organized real estate that you are now the most clueless members of a trade association in Canada.

    Don’t worry because A.I. is about to fulfill all the previous warnings of the brokerage model’s demise. This is not about a new website or new for sale by owner listing but a data driven reveal of 40 years of deceiving the Canadian public.

    BTW the Data is irrefutable if you were one of the folks who voted to hire Klump all those years ago.


  2. I think Mr. Klump is truly a professional. Our life is directly related to the chosen profession. When a person is satisfied with his work, he does not have to work, because he does what he always wanted to do, what he likes and gives pleasure. However, there are often times in life when it simply does not work out to do what the soul lies to. Then a person is forced to go to that work, which will help him to live in relative or complete prosperity, forgetting about his dream. Do not forget that in life there are many options that give us a chance to make our dream a reality. If you do what you love, you will soon start making good money, because happy people are always successful. Good luck!


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