Jonathan Popowich
Jonathan Popowich

Jonathan Popowich, who was an associate broker and top producer at Re/Max iRealty Innovations in Calgary for eight consecutive years, has moved his team to eXp Realty.

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In 2015 he started his team, Popowich & Company, which was recognized as one of the top teams with Re/Max of Western Canada and one of the highest volume teams in Calgary, selling more than $100 million of real estate in 2020.

“At the end of the day, we want to build a business where every client feels like they are our only client,” he says. In a news release, he says the real estate industry in highly competitive, with nearly 6,000 licenced real estate associates in Calgary competing for approximately 16,000 transactions annually. Popowich says the key to their success is to “deliver an elevated experience to home buyers and sellers while offering concierge-type service, exceptional marketing and leveraging technology to their clients’ benefit.

“Through the pandemic we have seen an explosive growth in utilization of technology, and the world is becoming a smaller place,” he says. “Being able to see how our clients can benefit both now and in the future with a company like this made the decision to align ourselves with eXp World Holdings Inc. a no-brainer.” The cloud-based eXp Realty has 2,000 agents in Canada, with nearly 350 in Alberta, he says.


  1. How is this considered news for a national magazine??? No offence to Jonathan. Agents switch brokerages every week. How much does eXp pay you to post their propaganda? They seem to be the only brokerage or franchise getting this type of coverage.

    • Dave, if you think eXp is the only company that gets this kind of coverage, you are not reading REM!

      Everyone: Got a hot story? Let REM know about it. Do you have news to share with Canada’s real estate community? If you have a hot tip about something that’s happening in the industry, a new hire, a new office, a great charitable initiative, a story about an exceptional Realtor who is doing exceptional things – let REM know about it so we can share their story. Send all news, tips and photos to Jim Adair at [email protected].

    • Dave:

      You have flat-out accused REM of taking bribes on a public forum. You are now open to legal action. Do you have lots of money?

      Here is another question for you: Are other franchises/brokerages paying ‘you’ to make accusations against REM—without provable merit—in order that they might therefrom gain favourable access to this forum? Notice that I didn’t accuse you of anything; I just asked a question.

      Here is another question: Do you think REM should be cancelled? Whatever your answer, I would then ask “Why?” in any case, i.e.; “Yes’, “No”, or “I don’t know”.

      Methinks Cancel Culture Warriors are due for a tune-up. It’s simple: F—’em!”

      • Brian,
        Dave didn’t use the word ‘bribe’. Clearly the implication was that these pieces are ‘paid content’ and fairly transparent propaganda. Good luck with your suggested ‘legal action’.
        He raises a perfectly good critique – for a reputable subscription, agents changing brokerages should not be article worthy. A quick search of related articles shows that there is at minimum 20+ such articles.
        Further, nor did he make any suggestions of ‘cancelling’, simply a fair criticism.
        Relax, methinks thou dost protest too much….


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