When it’s sunny outside, no one thinks about where they’ll go when it starts to rain. When the gas tank in your car is full, no one thinks about going to fill up gas. But do you wait for it to start raining on you before you go find shelter? Do you wait until you’re out of gas and on empty to go find a gas station?

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If you answered no to both of those questions, why do you wait until everything goes upside down to plan ahead for your business? COVID-19 changed the way we operate, and affected millions of people. The unemployment rate is in the tens of millions in North America and businesses everywhere have been forced to shut down.

Sometimes you just can’t be prepared for a global pandemic, but if there is one lesson that everyone can learn, it’s that as the world starts recovery mode, you have a choice – whether you will be better prepared if something like this happens again…or if anything happens, big or small.

As the sun is shining and the gas tank is full, always have a plan for the rain. This will ensure you and your business are resilient, and able to withstand any storm.


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