Matt Dominguez, broker at Better Homes & Gardens PrairieView Realty in Regina, was inducted into the Saskatchewan Roughrider Plaza of Honor recently. The Association of Regina Realtors interviewed him about his accomplishment.

ARR: How do you feel about your terrific accomplishment of being inducted into the Saskatchewan Roughriders Plaza of Honor?

Dominguez: It was a shock when I got the call that I was to be inducted into the Plaza of Honor. To be associated with some of the greatest players in Rider history is very humbling. The coolest part was when my kids saw my name on the marquee. It was a very good day for us.

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Who is the biggest influence in your sports career?

My parents were my biggest influence. I always loved playing sports — it was the only thing I did as a kid. My parents worked hard to give me the opportunity to participate, so I owe it all to them.

What made you decide to call Regina home when your football career ended?

When my career ended, we stayed for lots of reasons. The U.S. economy and housing industry was a disaster. I had some opportunities here that I wanted to establish. But what was the deciding factor was that my kids loved their school, we had a great church and lots of friends. We had put down roots here, so we decided to stay.

What brought you into real estate after football?

During my career I had bought some revenue properties. I realized that I was not a 9-5 job kinda guy. So real estate provided me the flexibility to work the hours I wanted to, and be rewarded for the work I put it. I always enjoyed meeting people so the industry just clicked for my personality type.

How did playing football from a young age help your real estate career?

I’ve always worked on teams my whole life. It was great to help create one from scratch and to see my colleagues grow.

Have you transferred any other skills as a professional athlete to a professional Realtor?

In order to be successful in professional sports you have to be disciplined, consistent, compassionate, self-motivated and have the ability to shake off the bad stuff and go forward – keep your eyes on what’s most important. These skills mirror skills that every successful real estate agent possesses.


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