BCREA's new logo
BCREA's new logo

The British Columbia Real Estate Association (BCREA) recently launched a new brand identity, which it says reflects the association’s commitment to leadership and excellence in serving B.C.’s 11 regional real estate boards and 23,000 Realtors.

“The new BCREA is dynamic, knowledgeable and relatable – just like the Realtors we serve,” says Darlene Hyde, CEO. “Our rebranding reflects our commitment to leading the way as the Realtor profession goes through a time of significant change.”

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The association says the new logo “best captures BCREA’s transformed identity. The four peaks, created by the blue and orange arrows and corresponding white spaces, symbolize the four main property sectors: residential, commercial, agricultural and industrial. They also symbolize rooftops and B.C.’s mountains. Together, their upward energy expresses a drive for improvement and excellence.”

The lower half of the logo represents both a speech bubble and an open single quotation mark, symbolizing BCREA’s role in starting, facilitating and contributing to important conversations between real estate boards, Realtors, consumers, government and other partners, the association says.

“BCREA’s revitalized brand really captures Realtor core values: relationships and professionalism,” says James Palanio, BCREA president. “But it’s more than just a symbol. It’s also a tool that will help us stand out and increase awareness of how BCREA empowers B.C.’s real estate boards and enhances Realtor professionalism through advocacy, ongoing professional education, economic insights and standardized legal forms.”

BCREA also plans to launch a new website in early 2019. The organization has also moved to a new open-concept office at Suite 1425, 1075 West Georgia St. in Vancouver.


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