Boo! Is there a paranormal chill in here?


By Stan Albert

Selling a stigmatized home, office or apartment can be downright tough. Some agents puzzle about why a property has so many showings with no offers, or why people in an office feel weird sensations… or wondered if maybe, just maybe, they felt a chill of sorts when coming down the stairs? (a quote from Barry Lebow’s Selling the Stigmatized Home article)

Over the past 2 1/2 years, my office has been graced by a scintillating young lady by the name of Jaye McKenzie. She is a professional “clearer” of paranormal situations, an energy specialist. Our in-house stager, Michelle Finnamore, recently used Jaye’s services in the cleansing of two high-end homes.

Now for a little background, I spoke with Jaye recently about her motivation for becoming involved in this rather unique profession.

Stan Albert: Jaye, tell us a bit about your background, and when you became aware of your extraordinary gifts or abilities?

Jaye McKenzie:  I became aware of this special gift at the tender age of four. I am the fourth generation intuitive/healer to have this special DNA. Point in fact, my first recollection of this gift was exhibiting telepathic abilities with my late mother.

Albert: How long have you been doing this professionally?

Jaye McKenzie

McKenzie: It’s been four plus years. When I met my mentor, Allison DuBois, who’s the real-life inspiration for the long-running TV series Medium and is renowned as one of the best mediums in the world, her endorsement of my abilities compelled me to take my gifts to a professional level.

Albert:  Did you have to have any special training/education and have you added to your knowledge?

McKenzie:  I had already majored in psychology in university, which helps with my positivity coaching and readings work. In addition, I am a Certified Reiki Master, which assists me in my “energy clearings”. What I have is a natural ability but I’ve also honed my gifts by studying with others in my field.

Albert: You have had storied eclectic careers. From actor to successful real estate agent to now healing/coaching professional athletes, doctors, lawyers, brokers and company CEOs. And you are also working with Toronto Police Services. Of all the careers you’ve had in your young years, what made you decide to specialize in the study of the paranormal?

McKenzie: This job is not merely what I do, it’s who I am. After soul-searching, I realized this is my passion/calling and I must honour it. My path is to help those who need and will benefit from my unique services.

Albert: Has there been one clearing situation that was the most challenging? What made it so?

McKenzie: There have been many fascinating cases I’ve worked on. One in particular, I was called by a top Toronto broker to assist on a multi-million dollar property that two other brokers also could not sell, over a one-year time period. I discovered there was massive “negative energy” and an apparition that said, “Boo!” After successfully clearing the energy and the ghost, the home sold in 14 hours. I’ve completed close to 200 clearings in the past two years alone.

Albert: You’re also working on a draft for a book on the paranormal, which you hope to have finished in the near future, and a TV show is in the works. What are you usually called in for?

McKenzie: It ranges from properties for sale, to homes that feel strange to the homeowner (lights going on and off, unexplained health issues, stoves turning on by themselves). Typical calls are to assist offices in promotion of their business by cleansing stuck energy and bringing in prosperous energy. Most recently it was the clearing of documents for a project for a Grammy/Gemini-nominated composer. The range continues in the removal of negative energy from luxury cars to business deals to individuals themselves. My energy clearings have many applications with abundant, successful results.

Albert: Thank you Jaye for this fascinating look into your unique career.

McKenzie can be reached through her website/blog at; phone 416-784-4120 or email [email protected].

Stan Albert, broker/manager, ABR, ASA at Re/Max Premier in Vaughan, Ont. can be reached for consultation at [email protected]. Stan is now celebrating 40 years as an active real estate professional.


  1. That photo looks like what Michael Jackson would look like now, especially the nose. He would really fit right in within a remake of his renowned “Thriller” music video.

    Bet “Billie Jean” wouldn’t give him the time of day now, because Michael obviously wouldn’t be able to “Whip It” into shape any more.

    Gee, I wonder if Michael’s spirit is white, black or polka dot?

    Would his spirit be attracted to little boy spirits?

    Would his spirit be bankrupt?

    Would his spirit still be high?

    Would he still grab onto where his junk used to be?

  2. Used someone who calls herself a spiritualist. After my buyers moved in they said they heard footsteps throughout the house at night. The three residents at times would converge in the hall checking to see who was walking up and down the stairs all night and closing doors.

    I offered the service of someone I know personally who came in to cleanse/sage but didn’t tell them the issue – the skeptic in me. She picked up on a presence she said was lost – a youngish female was upstairs. At this time the rest of us all pretty much well…

    She did a bunch of stuff, told the owner what to do for 2 nights after that.

    There was not a sound since.

    Power of suggestion or truth? Who knows as long as it did the job.

  3. /Rick thanks for your comments / you may choose to believe that Jaye’s profession is b.s., but there are those who don’t. Matter of fact, one of the most prestigious Brkokers in GTA has contacted her to investigate some of her services. I don’t write to please all of my readers. Some in the past have been contentious and get a lot of mail. At least Heino and Jim know that some of you guys and gals are reading themost valuablel Magazine for Realtors.
    Interesting comment from Ottawa Broker about the “ghosts” in Parlieamnet Buildings!
    Hope yuou continue to be in the “spirit” of writing in your comments.
    and … if you have an idea for a column, let ‘s hear from you. After writing over 110 articles, I some time get “writers Block!!” it’s an eerie feeling!

    Stan Albert

  4. Not because you can’t see, it does not mean it’s not there. It’s a gift! Very few has it. Just thank GOD that no bad spirit has come your way… as a CHRISTIAN I can totally relate to GOOD and BAD spirit.

    So, my question is: Are you a CHRISTIAN and if CHRISTIANITY is part of your cleansing?

    May your gift be from GOD.

  5. I think we should all demand that CREA hire Jay (using their own monies, and not monies from Realtor dues) to go into its offices on Catherine Street in Ottawa and conduct a seance in pursuit of flushing out all of the ghosts of stupidity past. Maybe Jaye could even arrange for the installation of an invisible, automatic, mysteriously present bull shit-ghost-busting ephemeral toilet-spirit Roto-Rooter dead guy who would flush out bureaucrat thoughts of self-perpetuation prior to their being implemented as policy.

    HMMM…I feel that there is a presence in the air, guiding me toward the fulfillment of my dreams of a world wherein individual common sense rules the day vs top-down imposed politically correct bureaucratic group-think crapola.

    Jaye!…Where is that dead spirit bull shit drain guy when we need him?

    Please transport him through the lead walls at Catherine Street.

    There’s an exorcism in the works that needs your attention to detail!

  6. The ‘Amazing Randi’ offered $1million dollars to anyone that could stump him with their psychic powers or the paranormal. Over decades NOT ONE person claimed that prize. Gullible people believe what they want to believe. It is often thrilling, chilling and there are those willing to take their money to play to their fantasies and beliefs. The ‘power of suggestion’ is extremely compelling and plays on one’s emotions and fears. Super salespeople and ‘con artists’ rely heavily on the power of suggestion. Check out the doctors who regularly use placibos (candy pills) and suggest to the patient they will indeed help them. And amazingly they do. (in these cases there was nothing wrong with the patient to start with). Hyperchondriacs read something, hear something on TV, or are told about a sickness or desease and right away ‘they now express the symptoms.’ The power of suggestion once again at work.
    People want to believe in ghosts, evil spirits, the abnormol, the paranormal, and that is why TV and Hollywood have leaped on the bandwagon with their witch, ghost, horror and un-earthly movies and TV series.
    Hey we all need to find a nitch to make a living by finding something buyers will buy. Jaye McKenzie has found just that. Hats off to her!

    • Hi Jill:

      Hypochondriacs are in reality expressing inwardly driven fantasies that will lead to public recognition of their personal existence on this earth. The psychological name for this annomaly is ‘Munchousen’s Disease”. (I’m not sure of the spelling; all of my stuff comes off-the-cuff from memory)

      Politicians/political parties are very good at appealing to our common desire to be saved from impending doom, so they create/expose an impending crisis, and then offer to save us from same if voted into power, especially if said political party is out of power at the time.

      So there you have it; governments are put into positions of power by upwards of only 38% of the voters, who actually voted (in Canada’s “first-past-the-post” plurality voting system), who voted in favour of one party or another, said party winner usually forming a majority government, propelled by wishful thinking, quasi “Munchousen’s-by-proxy” ignorant voters.

      But at least our system is quite a bit more representative than China’s, wherein only selected members of pre set standing voting committees vote for their leaders (surreptitiously in-house) on a ten-year revolving basis. The general public has no vote at all.

      HMMM…China seems to have copied CREA’s voting system.

      Who’da thunk?

      I hereby offer my services as a bona fide “bona-ta-pick-with ya” sniffer-outer-of-corruption-in high-places semi-professional crock-buster.

      Interested potential clients may reach me by thinking and directing my way strong and outrageous thoughts about people with monopolistic power who really piss them off with their abuses of said power.

      I know that this system really works, because I directed strong and outrageous thoughts toward the federal government about one Ms Melanie Aitken, a very smart, but out-of-control egomaniac (In my opinion) whilst she occupied the office of Federal Competition Commissioner, and PRESTO!…she all of a sudden “resigned”!

      Who’da thunk?

      P.S.: I charge $50.00 per hour for ‘intense’ thinking (after the fact, on the honour system), but only $10.00 per hour (cash, up front) for ‘mere’ thinking.

      Brian The Spoofer Troother

      • Personally, I’m not into the paranormal, Brian, but back in editing days, I did have the (not so) pleasure of working on a textbook on the topic, with the main character called “Philip” (I forget the title)… who could “invite” tables to move and such… based in the UK where such activity flourishes…

        Munchausen syndrome (with an umlaut)… after the Baron of … (Count Munich)

        to attract attention… or those who abuse others for the pure joy of so-doing…?

        LOL – sound familiar aka Ms.A ???, Brian… wonder if it is related to the Stockholm syndrome where the victim falls in love with the captor (eg the Hearst empire woman)… for those who supported her [Ms.A’s] motives, whatever they were, personally, we were told.

        (It was written) “There were secretaries being sent to Munich for attache cases of money to keep things going”. …Could this be a new-world (CB et CREA) zeitgeist? working to bring the world together for the common goal of (the real estate) species… or, sounds like you might think: a number of conspiracy theory-based ideas, perhaps?

        You’d write a good book about the current allegory and its hidden meanings… rofl.

        Best of luck, Brian.

        Carolyne L

  7. Really? I have enjoyed your past articles but must say that I have
    lost quite a bit of respect after this BS interview…….should have saved it for April 1, rather than Halloween.


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