Akilan Theva at the official launch of the BisRing mobile app.
Akilan Theva at the official launch of the BisRing mobile app.

BisRing recently held the office launch of its new mobile app, which it says connects real estate investors and homeowners with service providers. It is available for free via Apple and Google Play stores.

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BisRing was founded because of “a problem witnessed personally by me and fellow real estate investors,” says Akilan Theva, president and CEO. “Investing in distant properties requires cost effective and reliable management…If properties are not managed properly, cash flow could be negative and the financial damages would be very high. Also, whenever real estate investors run into problems, they tend to be lonely… There was no platform available where real estate investors and service providers could build long-lasting business relationships. It tends to be a one-time transaction and investors would need to visit multiple sites to find a variety of service providers for their single real estate project. This led me to quit my high-paying engineering job, move to Richmond Hill, and I founded BisRing in 2017.”

The company currently has more than 11,600 business listed from Ottawa, the Greater Toronto Area, Kitchener-Waterloo and the Niagara Region. It is free for real estate investors. Service providers can use ProBisRinger Lite, which is free and allows service providers to market up to three of their businesses. The premium subscription, ProBisRinger Gold, “was $27, although due to COVID we have reduced the price by over 60 per cent to $9.99,” says Theva. By using the coupon code bisring2021 users can try the ProBisRinger Gold subscription for three months free.

Theva says real estate investors can sign up as BisRingers for free to take advantage of a “single one-stop solution for all their real estate needs. They could create their own power team called My Virtual Team to manage their service providers in multiple cities. They could also write blogs to share their wealth of knowledge to attract new investments. Competitors like Homestars and Houzz, don’t let outsiders to write blogs. Only their content writers write the blog for SEO purpose.

“As users become more and more active on BisRing, they will be able to earn badges and points as a reward. These rewards can be used towards buying BisRing Gold subscriptions and in the future, BisRing merchandise,” he says.

Theva says he hopes to offer BisRing across the country and in the U.S.

“As BisRing continues to grow, we are determined to give back to our local community. At the same time we plan on building 1,000 houses for underprivileged families that live in third-world countries,” he says.


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