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William Molls is the Publisher and CEO of REM.
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REM and the impact of COVID-19

While our new and improved October issue turned out better than I could have dreamed it would, the COVID-19 pandemic has been an utter nightmare. There will be no more print issues of REM in 2020 and, most likely, well into 2021.
Boston, MA, USA - November, 11, 2016. Protester holds sign at Anti-Trump Love Rally Boston Common (iStock.com/HABesen)

Publisher’s Page: An era of transformative change

There is no way for us to know how future historians will look back on these dramatic and tumultuous times we find ourselves living in. We should know, by now, that they won’t be kind.

Publisher’s Page: What I learned from my dad

When my dad first got sick, they told him the problem was that his heart was too big. I honestly can’t think of a more apt way to describe him.

How to deal with a housing emergency?

Over 100,000 people were on the City of Toronto’s centralized waitlist for subsidized housing at the beginning of 2019. How is it possible for something like this to happen in a city with over 66,000 vacant homes?

A source you can trust: 30 years of reporting on Canada’s real estate industry

To celebrate our magazine's 30th anniversary, we’re proud to announce a new, premium subscription service for those who value staying ahead of the curve and being well informed on the real estate industry in Canada.

Publisher’s Page: Why we wear the poppy

We don’t wear the poppy to celebrate Canada going to war. The poppy should be a stark reminder of the horror of war.

Realtors and mental heath

Who is in a better position to advocate for making housing safer and affordable for those who battle with mental health challenges than the real estate industry?

Publisher’s Page: The quality and value you deserve

Personally, I still believe in the value of quality journalism, and I don’t believe a new kind of media technology must mean the end of everything that came before it.
HP Pro Slate 8 review

HP Pro Slate 8 review: For the (not quite) paperless office

The HP Pro Slate 8 is a tablet device that is very explicitly built for those who aren’t quite ready to give up their pen and paper. Instead, it promises to work right alongside them.
Blackberry Passport

Review: The BlackBerry Passport

The Blackberry Passport poses the question: Do you really want all the exciting bells and whistles that come with Apple’s device, or a sleek, professional, work-oriented smartphone with that trusty QWERTY keyboard you've been missing so much?