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RealtyWebsites.ca is owned and operated by TRES Labs. We are dedicated to serving the real estate industry with innovative programming and website content. Through licensee training, research and customer feedback we have learned the Canadian real estate eco-system from the inside. By understanding the business this way we can innovate, which makes our products better, and that’s good for everyone.

The consumer decision process, part 2: Searching for information

Once a consumer has identified a need or a want they begin the next step, which is research. It has two components: internal and external information seeking.

Understanding the consumer decision process

The goal of any good promoter or sales representative is to persuade the consumer to choose their product or service. In real estate, this means getting homeowners to list their property and to influence home buyers to shop at your “store.”

Integrated marketing for real estate professionals

It seems logical that a highly relevant tool would have more budget allocated to it. However, this is not always true.

Promoting your brand to different markets

There are four basic markets a real estate sales representative may wish to target. Each group requires a slightly different campaign. This allows maximum return on investment when designing a brand campaign.

Real estate advertising: Marketing or promotion?

The literal definition of marketing is about finding a market and then creating something to sell within it. The marketing mix is about the “4 P’s” of price, promotion, product and placement.

Real estate content marketing in 2022

Personal branding took off around 2010 and it has become a mainstay for real estate marketing since then. The Harvard Business Review discussed successful digital brands as “adaptable.” How does one introduce flexibility into their brand?

Real estate marketing budgets are inverse to ROI. Why?

Regardless of how marketing technology changes or makes connecting easier, the basic concept is the same: people do business with people in their network that they like and trust.

Free tools to drive traffic to your website

Search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click advertising (PPC) are the two main drivers of traffic to e-commerce websites.

Real estate websites as mass media

The internet has brought on many changes to our society in the past 25 years. One of the most elegant changes has been the appreciation of a self-serve culture.

A quick guide to websites for new real estate sales reps

This is a quick guide about how to cold boot your new real estate website in case you haven’t yet found a technology partner that you understand (or understands you).