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This is an episode of IN THE HOUSE, hosted by real estate experts, top producers, entrepreneurs and public speakers Jenny Wun and Toni Sing. Tune in weekly for a mix of real estate business tips, actionable business building strategies and aspirational stories to maximize your professional and personal growth. Our fireside chats breaking down challenging real estate deals to overcoming real-life barriers will provide a roadmap to help build your real estate empire.

7 tips for selecting the right one for you

There’s no one size fits all when selecting a real estate brokerage so it’s important to ask the right questions before choosing one to join.

Business by referral: Teach your clients to market your business

When you provide great customer service, word of mouth referrals are bound to naturally happen. Imagine what will happen when you make a conscious effort to cultivate your existing database.

Close 10 deals in Q1 with 6 simple action steps

These straight-forward strategies can be implemented immediately into your daily disciplines to give you the momentum you need to accomplish your goals. Let’s put your plan in place, together.

A leader’s guide to help team members thrive remotely

When was the last time you examined your organization’s needs, including the most important asset, your employees and team members?

Stigmatized properties and the duty to disclose

When a property carries an unfavourable quality or is unattractive to the buyer or tenant for reasons completely unrelated to the physical condition or features in a home, then it’s referred to as a stigmatized property.

Health is wealth: Staying healthy during the pandemic

In this episode, Toni and Jenny talk about how they are dealing with the stress of the real estate business, particularly now during the pandemic.

Building and scaling a profitable real estate team

In this episode of In the House, we share how to make the best hires in real estate by designing an organizational chart to accomplish your goals.

10 things the real estate course doesn’t teach you

Congratulations, you’re now a licensed real estate agent! So what’s next? Vancouver Realtors Toni Sing and Jenny Wun share their top 10 things they wish they knew as soon as they passed the real estate exam.

A life lesson: When quitting is not an option

We didn’t accomplish success in our business by playing it safe. We had to take risks, hear “no” more than “yes” and stretch ourselves to make things work for us.