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This is an episode of IN THE HOUSE, hosted by real estate experts, top producers, entrepreneurs and public speakers Jenny Wun and Toni Sing. Tune in weekly for a mix of real estate business tips, actionable business building strategies and aspirational stories to maximize your professional and personal growth. Our fireside chats breaking down challenging real estate deals to overcoming real-life barriers will provide a roadmap to help build your real estate empire.

How to start and grow a real estate brokerage

Are you ready to start your own real estate brokerage? If you are a self-starter with a strong work ethic and you know how to bring out the best in others, you may be ready.

Unlock your superpower and watch your career take flight

A person’s superpower is their particular genius – a specific skill that is their secret sauce. You’ll often find that when applying it, they feel more fulfilled and purposeful.

Designing sales commission packages for long-term retention

A well-planned sales commission structure will attract top sales associates to your team and retain them. There’s a science to pinning down a figure that is a fair commission rate.

Top 5 tips to get you hired on a pre-sale project

We have more than 25 years of new home sales experience, and in this video we share some of hard-earned wisdom on what you need to be a successful agent selling in the pre-sale and new home environment.

Building systems for a scalable real estate business

Specializing in business planning, goal setting, sales training, lead generation and conversion, Janet Miller helps real estate agents and their teams leverage their strengths.

Top 5 action steps to hitting your 2021 goals

Is your performance in Q3 heading into the final quarter looking strong? Now is the time to review your 90-day plan to meet or outperform your 2021 goals.

What Realtors tell their clients (and what they actually mean)

This video breaks down some common topics in real estate that almost every agent thinks about at one point or another but might not share or want to admit to clients.

10 questions to ask before joining a real estate team

Being a real estate agent is often seen as a solitary profession but more and more we are seeing this business model change.

Top 3 tips to assemble the best hire for your team

You may prefer to work solo for your entire real estate career, while others want to build their business by adding talent. If you’re ready to manage a team, there are a few steps you need to take during the hiring process.

The top 3 excuses for not converting leads

Have you ever hit a production wall? Or have you ever allowed yourself to become discouraged when you weren’t seeing lead conversion in your real estate business?