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Toby Welch is a contributing writer for REM.
Jerry, Nathan and Lyndon Rush

Working with family: Genius or lunacy?

Working with family members has been a success for Jerry Rush. He says this is how they’ve made it work: “We have had great family relationships throughout this time, probably due to the way the team is set up."
Start 2016 with a bang!

Start 2016 with a bang! Set great goals and achieve them

Glenn Wildenmann plans to start 2016 off strong. "Set great goals – achievable but great. I like to break goals into milestones, which make them realistic and not overwhelming."
Rosie Porter uses the Rosie the Riveter imagery in her marketing.

How to get noticed – in a good way

When considering how to get noticed, determine how you are different, incorporate it into your brand and shout it from the rooftops. Establishing what makes you unique goes a long way toward setting you apart from the others.
Facebook for real estate

Facebook for real estate professionals

Sold on the value of Facebook for real estate professionals but not sure how to get going? First, sign up for an account. Then create a Facebook business page; Facebook walks you through the simple process of setting one up.
Tips for selling a messy house

Selling a messy house

Selling a messy house isn’t impossible. Some buyers can see beyond cat feces smeared on carpeting, overflowing trash cans, dirty laundry scattered all over and piles that look like they are from the TV show Hoarders. But it sure is a lot more challenging than selling a sparkling clean home.
Setting real estate goals

How to reach your real estate goals in 2015

Goals are a powerful tool to have in your real estate arsenal. They point you in the direction you want to go, like a roadmap. Without goals, you can be easily distracted by external influences and spend time on back roads instead of on the freeway straight to your destination.