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After Ted Greenhough’s first year as a Realtor, he earned between $590,000-$865,000 every year for 12 consecutive years, all as an individual agent, without ever once making a cold call, reciting a canned script or doing any other “salesy” stuff. Now he runs Agent Skills, an online learning program for agents across North America.

The For Sale By Owner rant

You’ve heard the ads. “Johnny hired ‘FSBO Inc.’ and saved over $15,000!” Really? How does Johnny know he saved $15,000? How does he know he didn’t actually lose money by choosing not to hire an experienced, highly skilled agent?

Fear of multiple offers syndrome

How often have you heard this? “My clients like the property, but they don’t want to participate in multiple offers.” I’ve had my own clients who suffered from FoMO (fear of multiple offers) syndrome.

The case for (not) charging a higher commission

If you’re a highly skilled and experienced agent, who consistently delivers outstanding results, shouldn’t you get paid more than the “average” agent? I mean, you could charge more, but is it really worth it?

Defending your commission

During my full-time real estate career, I was rarely asked for a reduction of my commission. There’s a good reason for this.

The dreaded question every agent gets asked

“What exactly do you do all day, anyway?” Think about it. You hire someone to perform an important job, and then you never hear from them. What would you think?

Opinion: The mega agent illusion

This type of misleading advertising is one of the biggest reasons why the public perceives Realtors as a bunch of bungling sleaze-bag amateurs.

Educate your clients and eliminate 75 per cent of your stress

Has this ever happened to you? It’s five minutes after the first showing for your new listing, and the seller is on the phone. “Did they like it? Do they give any feedback?” Meanwhile, you’re thinking to yourself, “This is such a waste of time.”

Habit-forming routines – the key to creating credibility consistently

Introducing routines into your work-life is a powerful habit-forming technique to ensure you get all your important work done consistently. You can’t just do it sometimes!

The essentials of a pre-listing package

How many of your potential clients actually take the time to read your elaborate pre-listing package? I mean, they know you’re coming over anyway, right?

Reap a bountiful harvest from a tiny geo farm

I would say that 99 per cent of agents do not run a geo farm. But you should, even if it’s only a tiny patch. Let’s call it a geo garden!