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Sue Styles has nearly two decades of experience coaching real estate agents and is the CEO of The Successful Solopreneurs School of Business. She guides real estate agents to maximize their potential and reach unwavering results by revealing their possibilities, challenging the status quo and setting up their systems for success. Author of three books and professional speaker. Reach out for business coaching and resources! Send her an email.

Sue Styles: Realtors, you need help!

If you are a professional, licensed real estate agent, paying your dues (literally) and learning the ropes, then I know you need help. I have been in your office.

Behind the office door with Calgary’s Tanya Eklund

Here’s the truth behind the doors of the real estate business from Tanya Eklund of the Tanya Eklund Group at Re/Max Real Estate Central in Calgary.

Business lessons learned during COVID-19

There are those who are finding that their share of the market is actually increasing during the crisis. How can you take their insights and apply them to your own business?

Going to hell and back

Here are three things you can add to your daily schedule if you are struggling and need some business clients.

5 questions new real estate agents ask

Every month people wanting to get into the real estate business call me asking for advice. Before giving any advice though, my first instinct is to say, “Are you sure?”

Time management = better balance

Starting a new career and business is often thrilling and (nerve-racking) to begin with, but the excitement of hustling and doing another deal can often merge into and replace other priorities if we are not careful.

Go from being a secret agent to a special agent

Many agents that I sit down with and assess suffer from “secret agent syndrome”. If you can take two minutes to read along, maybe you will discover that your business has been suffering too.

Overcoming the challenge of change

Here are three simple steps that will have you overcoming your challenges today and seeing better results tomorrow.

Re/Max Real Estate (Central): How to teach an old brokerage new tricks

For Re/Max Real Estate (Central) in Calgary, after so many years with the same owner, same name, same building, how do they keep from becoming just the “same old, same old”?

How to expose yourself online – appropriately!

Here are some ideas you can use over and over again, that anyone can easily follow for a successful online marketing campaign.