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Stan Albert, ABR, ASA is a consultant with Re/Max Premier in Vaughan, Ont. He can be reached for consultation by email. Stan is now celebrating his 45th year as an active real estate professional.

Stan Albert’s last column: What he’s learned

I think my articles have covered nearly every aspect of my 46 years in this exciting and ever-changing business, including the Competition Bureau, commission cutting, part-timers, real estate bubbles, and more.
When do the training wheels come off?

When do the training wheels come off?

Everyone I knew as a kid had those training wheels. They gave us confidence and safety. Just as those first real estate sales training sessions did. Somewhere along the line, many of us forgot some of those skills.

Planning and accountability

Planning for 2016 – not again Albert! Are you kidding us? You’ve written about this every year for the last 20 years. Not again please! Yes, loyal fans, here it is again, but it’s very, very simple.

Make the most of conferences

I think the whole key in going to seminars or conferences, in addition to meeting and renewing old acquaintances, is to take away four to five ideas that you can actually use and to pass these ideas to agents.

Stan Albert: Joining the real estate big leagues

How do you get to the big leagues? Are you going to get up earlier each day, perhaps work out at the gym, consult a coach and be determined to be better than you were yesterday?

Professionalism and ethics: Can we clean up our act?

During the last four decades I have observed, with some chagrin, an increase in complaints about agents who are not exercising their due diligence and who are exhibiting a lack of professionalism.

In praise of the women in real estate

Here’s why, in my opinion, women are better suited for real estate than we guys are. Most of the top producers and top managers and broker/owners are women.

When your buyer loses a bidding war

There are many more examples of frustrating stories where our buyers walk away from a bidding war bitter and disillusioned. Here’s a marketing approach for you to clone after an unsuccessful offer presentation.

Dealing with stress is all about balance

People often have trouble dealing with stress in everyday life, such as with business, social obligations, volunteer organizations and the daily commute to work. And as we are bombarded with news via radio, TV and the Internet, is it any wonder we are at times stressed out by world events?
Duty of care real estate

Stan Albert: How to define duty of care

Where does the duty of care begin or end? Is it not a registrant’s duty to inquire or to investigate whether the building in which he plans to sell a unit to a potential buyer may be contemplating major retrofits?