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Sharon Posius is a Realtor with Century 21 B.J Roth Realty in Barrie, Ont.. She is a former broadcast journalist who keeps up her writing chops as a contributing writer to the monthly Focus 50+ News Magazine. She also hosts and writes her own blogsite, SharonsBlurb.org.
Skyline of Barrie, Ontario

Barrie: A crazy real estate market in our cosy community

How did our beautiful little community of Barrie, Ont., our cosy city by the bay, become such a hot commodity that any house on the market is being snapped up by insatiable buyers without so much as a financing clause?

The dreaded Dear Realtor note

The subject line in the email is always the same: “Sale of House.” The next lines are usually all the same as well. “After much consideration, we have decided to go with another agent.”

From hovel to hygge

There’s a new kid in interior design town, and it’s called hygge. No longer do we have to worry about the alignment of the furniture with the windows, to create a positive energy flow around the house.

The soul of a house

Some say a house is just bricks and mortar. An abode. A place to hang your hat. I believe there are energies that inhabit every home. Both good and bad.

The world needs more nice

“They thought you were very nice,” said my friend, “but they didn’t think you would be aggressive enough.” I take that as a compliment.

The sales rep’s role as a hand-holder

As is the case more often than not in our real estate profession, I was happy to be there as a therapy of sorts.

Everyone should be in sales

The main goal of salespeople, I have learned, is to help people solve a problem. If someone doesn’t have a problem, you don’t have a job.

The not-so-romantic Victorian era

I have a special place in my heart for Victorian-style homes. The quaint porches that invite visitors; the charming gabled roof tops; the fact that many of them that exist today still feature the carriage house.

I ghosted a client

When I started to feel myself cringing every time I received a new email from them wanting to see another property, I knew a change was needed.